Custom audit log for API

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Custom audit log for API


i'm looking for possibility, how to customize Alfresco Audit Log (or set it properly). In my i have



but for mimeType "application/octet-stream" is logged only one record and with changing properties will change id but no new record is logged (and no log for access).



I need to solve this issues:

1. i need to log every action for access / update if using Alfresco API (even if user don't have permission)

2. i need to have possibility to add custom log (for example if on FE someone will deny access to file i need to log this action in audit log)

3. i have learned Alfresco has one endpoint to get audit log (GET /nodes/{nodeId}/audit-entries) but i need to get more than one nodeId at once. For example, i have one file associated with three more files. User wants to show all history of these files, but he wants to see only last 10 records. In this case i need to call 4 times API and get at least 10 latest records, sorted them and return to the user. I as programmer would like to get all audit logs from somewhere (Search API, SQL, ...) with one request, sorted and limited on the server side.

4. I found out posibility to extend audit log with some module, but i don't want to customize Alfresco Build (with source code), is there possibility to create my own customized enpoint and simply deployed it as custom module to the Alfesco Content Services?

Thank you