Cut off is not working

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Cut off is not working


Recently, I installed Records Management Community 2.6.
I created a rule on my repository that, when renaming documents with a certain name, the documents are declared as archival documents.
These archival documents are then transferred from "Unclassified Archival Records" to another file.
As I think everyone, the beginning of conservation does not happen automatically, it must be started manually.
But when I try, I have this message that appears "Unable to initiate storage start. Contact your CIO":

It still bores me a lot because it's me, the CIO, if I may say so...
After several tests, I can see that when I remove my rule from "Renaming -> Statement archive documents", I can manually trigger the start of retention.
I absolutely want to keep this rule of renaming in order to facilitate the work of future users ...

What can I do?

I put my logs as attachments.

Thank you in advance,


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Alfresco Employee

Re: Cut off is not working

Hi Margaux,

I'm not sure exactly what's going wrong here. The log message suggests that the content is being declared as a record twice.  Maybe your rule declares the document as a record, and then tries to move it to a record folder?

I tried to reproduce your scenario and everything seemed to work ok for me. I had the following:

  • Collaboration Site
    • Folder
      • Rule
        • When name starts with "q"
        • Set property cm:name to "renamed.txt"
        • Declare as record
  • RM site
    • Unfiled records
      • Rule
        • When record enters folder
        • File to record folder
        • Complete record
    • Category
      • Retention schedule
        • Cut off immediately
        • Destroy 1 day after cut off
        • Applies to records (not record folders)
      • Record folder

When I upload a new document starting with "q" to my collaboration site folder then it is renamed, declared as a record, filed to the record folder and completed. This enables me to press the "cut off record" button to start the retention process.

I hope this is helpful, if not then please feel free to message me with more details of your problem.



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Re: Cut off is not working

Is it possible to automate the 'cut off' of the records?

I can complete the record by the rule on the records folder under the rm site, but could not automate cut off.

I tried to setup the rule on the record folder and apply the rule which will perform 'complete event' action which is the part of the retention schedule to cutoff the record. But it does not work. 

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Re: Cut off is not working

Just to update that 'Cut off' step is working well.

But the 'Destroy' step is not working when the time period is set as 'Immediately'.

Is this a bug in AGS?


Re: Cut off is not working

We are having a similar issue in Alfresco Content Services v7.2.0 with Alfresco Governance Services v14.145.  Anytime we have a cutoff step that is any variation of "Cut off immediately...", Alfresco does not cut the record off automatically or after the scheduled job for the RM disposition lifecycle runs. Users have to click on the Cut Off command manually in order for each record to be cut off.  This is obviously not acceptable when a user uploads thousands of records that are then filed in the file plan.

I wish someone would respond to this thread and answer the question:  Is this a bug? If yes, what is the workaround and is this fixed in a later version of AGS?

UPDATE 6/20/2024:  Tried Cut Off of a record one day after record is filed (instead of immediately).  Cut off does not run or execute in this case either.