Failed to execute supplied script: 04070031 Access Denied

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Failed to execute supplied script: 04070031 Access Denied

I am new in the Alfresco, and I am developing my first project, I have a user who is approving some requests, on approval some web scripts are going to execute. But we are getting below error.

org.activiti.engine.ActivitiException: Exception while invoking TaskListener: Exception while invoking TaskListener: 04070032 Failed to execute the supplied script: 04070031 Access Denied. You do not have the appropriate permissions to perform this operation.

It's more than 2 days since I stuck on this error if anyone has an idea please help.

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Alfresco Employee

Re: Failed to execute supplied script: 04070031 Access Denied

Hi Deepak,

Welcome to Alfresco :-)

I'm guessing you're using ACS Community with embedded workflow (Activiti Engine) ?

If so, to get more help from the community, I suggest adding a lot more details about your environment, including exact versions of Alfresco components as well as your chosen infrastructure stack (Database, Operating System etc). 

Please also add full stacktrace from the logs, as well as logs just before and after this error for more context.

Ideally you would also add exact steps to reproduce the issue (including screenshots, if possible) if easily repeatable given a fresh install. As well as what you've tried to troubleshoot so far.

Please let us know if you solve your issue in the meantime.