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Member II

footer error search

Good morning I am using Alfresco 6.2.c, and the footer haven’t changed on search result page. I am facing this error for 3 days can I know how to remove this error from the footer content  thank's  Smiley Happy  . 

Fourni gratuitement sans <a href=''>aucun support</a>, <a href=''>aucune certification</a>, <a href=''>aucune maintenance</a>, <a href=''>aucune garantie</a> ni <a href=''>aucune indemnité</a> par <a href=''>Alfresco</a> ou ses <a href=''>Partenaires certifiés</a>. <a href=''>Cliquez ici pour obtenir de l'aide</a>.<br />Alfresco Software Inc. © 2005-2016 Tous droits réservés.

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Intermediate II

Re: footer error search

Something is wrong here: 6.2.c is released on 2020 and your footer is mentioned 2015-2016.

Can be an old customization that you did'nt update with Alfresco 6.2.c?

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