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Free disk space

I have a alfresco community edition installed on a ubuntu 16.04 server, at start up it was installed on a 200 g disk, i now have expanded the disk to 500g but when connecting whit webdav i can not see the disk space, so 2 q's

how to get webdav to reflect the correct disk space ?

how to determin the amount of disk spave avalible to Alfresco?

when doing a df -f on the linux box it actually shows the 500 G (488G)

Filsystem                           Størr Brugt  Tilb Brug% Monteret på
udev                                 3,9G     0  3,9G    0% /dev
tmpfs                                799M  9,5M  789M    2% /run
/dev/mapper/JHLIN--RSJ--01--vg-root  488G   30G  438G    7% /
tmpfs                                3,9G  100K  3,9G    1% /dev/shm
tmpfs                                5,0M     0  5,0M    0% /run/lock
tmpfs                                3,9G     0  3,9G    0% /sys/fs/cgroup
/dev/sda1                            472M  114M  334M   26% /boot
tmpfs                                799M   20K  799M    1% /run/user/114
tmpfs                                799M     0  799M    0% /run/user/1002
tmpfs                                799M     0  799M    0% /run/user/1000

but when connecting to sites using webdav it only shows 179G

do i have to do somthing whit Alfresco after expanding the drive ?

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Re: Free disk space

...that may depend on the WebDav Client you are using. I never had the correct "Remaining Disk-Space" size when using WebDav with Alfresco (and other webdav servers).

In the Windows Commandline it shows the free space on C: when using a webdav-connected drive...


Re: Free disk space


In the best situation, I would say that webdav is going to say about the logical content size in Alfresco, and not about the physical content on the server.

For your extra 200Gb, check the content size of your SOLR indices (not only alfresco and workspace indices, also content directory for SOLR), Alfresco logs (if some of them are growing very fast - alfresco.log, catalina.out, localhost_access*log ), temporal content of your Tomcat Server (WFT suggester files in tomcat/temp). 

If you use OCR for example, you may expect larger SOLR indices too.