How can i open a issue on "" ?

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How can i open a issue on "" ?

The question seems stupid even to me writing it... how do I open an issue on the alfresco jira at the address "" ? I am registered on Jira, but I can't access the project do I have to be invited ? do I have to register at a specific url ?

I had also found the github repository "Collaborating with Alfresco" ( but it seems abandoned ?

In short, what are the steps I need to follow in order to open an issue on the Alfresco Community's jira project ?


I found this article and i can see i'm not the only one with this issue,

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Re: How can i open a issue on "" ?

No you can't that's Alfresco's private JIRA board. 

What you have found seems a place to open any issues. You can also take a look at the community repo project here: and look for any existing issue that you may have seen.


@ttoine @angelborroy may suggest better option.

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