How to Scale up in Alfresco 6.2(Docker-Compose)

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How to Scale up in Alfresco 6.2(Docker-Compose)

Hello!  We're using on Alfresco 6.2 Community Docker-compose Service. (Link)

We have a question about Scale up Topics.

Currently, We are operating the service with HA Proxy configuration on 2 servers.

However, I'm thinking about how to scale up in a situation where there is not much memory available.

Is there a way to scale up Alfresco Docker-Compose Community Service without adding memory to the device?

We ask for help from the Alfresco team!

I'll wait for your thoughts. Thanks all the time for the help!




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Re: How to Scale up in Alfresco 6.2(Docker-Compose)

What do you want to scale up specifically, "without adding memory to the device"? Number of concurrent users? Number of items (files / folders) in the DB? Number of elements held in cache to avoid DB access? Size of the SOLR index?

Depending on where specifically you are concerned about scaling, there may be configurations / design considerations to take into account that can help limit the growth of required memory. But generally speaking, you should be able to adequately scale the available memory with your specific use case.

As one of the developers of aldica I can at least tell you that that addon can help limit the amount of physical memory an Alfresco system needs by using off-heap caching and swapping to disk to scale up the number of cached elements without having to scale the memory allocated as much as one would have in default Alfresco.