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Import in a list


In ACS community 6.2, I test in a site a list of contact. No problem to create contacts one by one but how can I import a CSV file to create many contacts ?

The same question can be asked to other type of list (tasks, projects, etc..). Also I'll probably want to export a list one day...


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Re: Import in a list

Hi @opsys,

You can bulk upload members using a csv file => You can also do it programmatically - see this thread for more information.

Bulk uploading content is also available =>

With regard to bulk importing datalists, etc, I don't think there is anything out of the box. However, look at this documentation about custom datalists.



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Re: Import in a list

Hello EddieMay and thanks for your reply

For bulk import of contents, the FTP transfer is sufficient from my point of view. Creating XML files for every document to be imported is rather tedious. But it's a nice feature in some cases. In comparison with Sharepoint, the FTP option is much better.

For importing users, the CSV file is just fine.

For importing / exporting list it's too bad there is nothing available. It should be just like user import. There is a article explaining how to design a list and populate it but I don't see in the code anything to import CSV lists. Too bad.

I'd like to make a feature request for that.