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Migration to cloud

I'm new in alfresco and only know the basics, i have a 1.5tb alf_data and i want to migrate to the cloud and it's not possible to stop alfresco because  the time that takes to upload this to the cloud it takes at least 80 hours, is there any way to work with a new instalation and make a migration of the 1.5tb alf_data before?

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Alfresco Employee

Re: Migration to cloud

For every Alfresco migration you need to following data storage:

  • alf_data contains the documents uploaded to Alfresco
  • database contains the metadata
  • solr contains the indexes

If "alf_data" folder takes long time to be uploaded to the Cloud, I guess the right approach is to use "scp" or "rsync" command while your original Alfresco is running. Once the "alf_data" folder is copied to the Cloud, you can switch your deployment.

Sample process for upgrading (applies partially to migrating) is described in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHwq_f9PzYU

Hyland Developer Evangelist