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MS SQL Integration

I'm trying to integrate Alfresco Community Edition with MS SQL server 2014 but without hope.I configured it correctly with Other Databases Like MYSQL.

I knew that Integration with MS SQL server is supported only with The Enterprise edition and i successfully did it using the trial version.


So um asking if it's any workaround to DO it with the Community Edition 



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Re: MS SQL Integration


Integration with any db which is supported by Alfresco, has sql script located to the class path for example /alfresco/dbscripts/create/org.hibernate.dialect.PostgreSQLDialect/,

For example, if you are integrating with Postgre then there would be specific script of Postgre.

In case of community version that specific SQL script of MSSQL is not available, so you may have to prepare script and even after that it is not sure that it will work.

Its not impossible but it could be tricky and you may have so many unknown road blocker. so my recommendation is, you should use the supported one.

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Re: MS SQL Integration

Community version is missing all the relevant SQL scripts and ORM mapping definitions to work with MS SQL. If you wanted to make it work you would have to recreate all of these files yourself.

Also, why on earth would you want to use MS SQL? From all my experience with Enterprise customers, working with MS SQL has always entailed the most amount of pain and sorrow (performance / support wise).