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OpenJDK 11.0.7


We are an on-prem enterprise customer and am looking to upgrade from 5.2 to 7.1.  According to the Supported Platforms, we have to download OpenJDK 11.0.7.  I've looked everywhere and cannot find 11.0.7.  An Alfresco Support person is also trying but his searches come back to the same as mine.  We've spent 2 weeks looking for OpenJDK 11.0.7.  Does anyone know where I can download this version?  In Archives site (, it's only up to 11.0.2.  So how did Alfresco find OpenJDK 11.0.7?  Hopefully someone in this forum can help.  We are running out of time to upgrade before Alfresco will start charging us more for staying on 5.2.  We've been trying to upgrade, but always encounter issues.



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Alfresco Employee

Re: OpenJDK 11.0.7

Check this web page:

I can see latest 11 as 11.0.13

Hyland Developer Evangelist