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Remove Create site link

hi how do i remove the create site link so that only the admin can create sites.

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Re: Remove Create site link

Please refer to the hyperlink below.

Controlling site creation permissions | Alfresco Documentation 

This does not remove the menu option, but users not in the nominated group cannot create a site.

In the example provided the Create site permission is granted to GROUP_SITE_CREATORS

You will need to create a group called "SITE_CREATORS" and assign people to it.

You can also substitute this with the following line so that only the role "Administrator" gets access.

It is good practice to create a folder and keep all your changes in there, so when you upgrade, you can re-apply them.

My file is attached and is stored on D:\alfresco-comm_v5_2\tomcat\shared\classes\alfresco\extension