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Roles in the sites

Sorry for the trivial question,

but why in the sites I can't see the "Editor" and "Coordinator" roles?


I can see these roles only in the repository:


Thanks in advance

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Re: Roles in the sites

There simply are different permission group ("role") definitions for the site context vs. the global context. The "Manager" is what a "Coordinator" would be in the global context. A "Editor" role simply does not exist in a site context, as it was deemed unnecessary for a context aimed at collaboration in the style of a SharePoint workspace / site.

Technically speaking though, all the global context roles are also "available" within the site context, they are merely not shown in the UI to avoid (more) confusion when similarly named roles would are present. Furthermore, the "Collaborator" role in sites is not even named "Collaborator", but "SiteCollaborator" - same for the other site context roles - and the label used in the UI is another simplification.

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Re: Roles in the sites

Hi @LorenzoD ,

have you defined site-permission.xml and registered it correctly?. I think you can create or remove roles in this site-permission.xml and customize it accordingly.


Thanks and Regards,


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Re: Roles in the sites

Hi @piyush48, Hi @afaust ,

Thank you for the answers.

@piyush48, In order to custumize the roles , I should copy the permissionDefinitions.xml, custom the file as I prefer, and than insert that in the following path:


and restart alfresco.

Right? or something wrong?

Thank you again


Re: Roles in the sites

@LorenzoD I think @afaust has already clarified the details which basically covers your questions. 

Another replies are diverting from original questions. I would request you to close this thread and start a new thread if you see issues with defining custom roles.

Just refer to these documentations/posts and create new thread if you see any issues :




A sample project may be helpful to refer:

(ACSCE, AWS SAA, Azure Admin)