Sauvegarde et restauration alfresco

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Sauvegarde et restauration alfresco



Y-a -t il un moyen pour accélérer  la sauvegarde et la restauration Alfresco.

je suis entrain de copier le dossier alf-data pour le restaurer sur un autre serveur , le problème c'est que la copie prend au moins 8 heures avec une taille de 300 go.


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Re: Sauvegarde et restauration alfresco


best practice is to use tools like rsync to sync the alf_data dir while the server is running to the new server or even better to a shared filer to be mounted on the target server (this will avoid that transfer on the next migration). On the first run this may last 8 hours but if you repeat the sync (incl. delete missing on the target) every day after the content cleaner job has run the sync may only last a few minutes or seconds. Once you plan the final migration you just need to sync the day folder in alf_data and to backup/restore the db. Index could be restored from the solr-backup the day before since solr will track the gap once started.

@aymenh wrote:
Hello, Is there a way to speed up Alfresco backup and restore. I am copying the alf-data folder to restore it on another server, the problem is that the copy takes at least 8 hours with a size of 300 gb. Thank you