Upload PDF Document v1.7 returning internal error

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Upload PDF Document v1.7 returning internal error


I am trying to create a document in Alfresco via REST API using the url


This call does work for PDF documents with PDF version lower than 1.7. If I try to upload a document with version 1.7 I get an error, 500 Internal Server.

If I save the PDF as another PDF the document can be uploaded to Alfresco.

I can't modify all the PDF documents, it comes by email and we have to upload the file that comes from the client and there are some files that gives 500 internal server error.


Call with response error:2022-08-24 12_12_30-Postman.png

Is there a way I can fix this?


Thank you.

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Re: Upload PDF Document v1.7 returning internal error

Unfortunately, it can't be determined what causing the error based on provided info. Please share the logs from alfresco.log, catalina.out for review after making this request. Also, could you please clarify what is v1.7, is it a version in alfresco (a pdf document's version history) or its adobe pdf version 1.7. I could not find anything related

(ACSCE, AWS SAA, Azure Admin)
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Re: Upload PDF Document v1.7 returning internal error

First of all thanks for the reply.

For v1.7 I'm refering to Adobe PDF 1.7 version.

2022-08-24 13_44_28-Document Properties.png

In ths logs I get no errors and nothing is printed. Nothing in catalina.out and nothing in alfresco.log nor in other log files. The call for node/children returns 500 error and it just gives the 500 html error response.

I thought it could be known some problem in PDF with highest versions.