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I want to add properties to search in a simple search box. I have seen this link https://community.alfresco.com/docs/DOC-4960-web-client-customisation-faq#Adding_Properties_to_Simpl...   for web client customization which explains how to add properties for simple search. But they are not mentioned in which path i need to create a web-client-config-context.xml and where i need to create a bean for this xml file. Can anyone tell me where to configure and place these files to make the changes effective.

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Re: web-client-config

You can ignore that docoumentation (it is marked as obsolete), since the Web Client has been removed from Alfresco since version 5.0, so you no longer have anything to customise by the web-client-config-context.xml

Are you using Share by any chance? This you can of course still customise, e.g. add an advanced search form or configure a custom query template.

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Re: web-client-config

Thank you for responding, I have created advanced search based on the link which you are mentioned, it's working fine. I want to do a search on a right top corner search box with my custom properties. For that, I modified the custom query template in live-search-docs.get.config.xml and search.get.config.xml and i placed these both files in these path D:\spring tool suite - workspace\alfmodule\alfmodule-repo-amp\src\main\amp\config\alfresco\extension\templates.

But,when i search with the value of the property which i added in cusom query template is not filetering the value.

search.get.config.xml  :

<default-query-template>%(cm:name cm:title cm:description my:authorisedBy my:licenseNumber my:companyName ia:whatEvent ia:descriptionEvent lnk:title lnk:description TEXT TAG)</default-query-template>

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Re: web-client-config

I don't know if you are still working on this, but the path you used is not complete.

It should be

D:\spring tool suite - workspace\alfmodule\alfmodule-repo-amp\src\main\amp\config\alfresco\extension\templates\webscripts\org\alfresco\slingshot\search