1.3 UI Property Sheet Enhancements

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1.3 UI Property Sheet Enhancements

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The official documentation is at: http://docs.alfresco.com


Use cases

  1. Ability to specify custom controls for properties (enables property sheet to be used on space details page)
  2. Support multi-valued properties (requires input from Linton)
  3. Support mandatory properties (show * by field and add Javascript code for disabling submit button)
  4. Support metadata constraints as defined in the model
  5. Make the editing of properties a separate dialog/wizard that gets launched after the add/create content wizard
  6. Reference a label by message id in a custom message bundle

Requirements by use case

  • Use case 1:
    • Need to enhance the property config element (reader) classes to deal with new XML
    • Property component needs to instantiate the supplied component and set appropriate attributes
    • The same goes for adding custom converters (the existing way will also still be supported)
    • NOTE: This may get tricky for combining - initially just support override, so if the same property is specified with a different custom component the new one takes precedence
  • Use case 2:
    • Property component needs to wrap the control in the multi value editor component if the property is defined as such in the dictionary
    • May also need a custom input text component depending on Linton's requirements
    • Something? needs to handle the data as a List so it gets persisted in the repo correctly
  • Use case 3:
    • An * needs to be displayed by each field
    • Need to add a JavaScript hook for onSubmit() - only once per form too!
    • Need a way to register which fields need to be checked when submit button is pressed
  • Use case 4:
    • For list of values constraint a drop down list control should be used instead of a text field - this is the main requirement for this use case
    • Add a Javascript library of validation methods that can be called
    • In property config you can specify which javascript method to call to validate the property (will need ability to pass params and obtain context)
    • PropertySheet component can automatically set this up for the well known validations i.e. min/max, regex and length validators
    • What do we need to consider for locale i.e. post code vs. zip code
    • We will need a way to add the required JavaScript files to the page when the property sheet is used - and only once!
    • Also need a way for customers to configure additional validation JavaScript files to include
  • Use case 5:
    • The outcome for the create/add content wizards needs to change to launch the edit properties page
  • Use case 6:
    • Property component needs to read a bundle attribute and call Application.getBundle()


  1. 2 days
  2. 2-4 days depending on how complex the interaction is and whether we need custom components for text entry
  3. 3 days
  4. Minimum req: 1 day, All reqs: additional 4 days (5 in total)
  5. 1 day
  6. 0.5 days