1.3 UI Rules Enhancements

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1.3 UI Rules Enhancements

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The official documentation is at: http://docs.alfresco.com


Use cases

  1. Support ordering of rules
  2. Support ordering of actions
  3. Support ordering of conditions
  4. Re-factor existing new rule wizard so that it doesn't have to be changed to add a new action and/or condition
  5. Bring run action wizard up to same level of functionality as new rule wizard
  6. Add 'set arbitary property' action
  7. Add 'execute JavaScript' action
  8. Add a 'test arbitary property' condition i.e. if property x is equal to 'foo'
  9. Extend workflow action to allow multiple stages, at each stage an approve and forward step must be present, but any number of steps should be allowed. Each step should also be able to run any number of actions, not just copy/move.
  10. Support notion of allowing appropriate actions to overwrite (i.e. copy/move/transform may need to overwrite if they have been run before)

Requirements by use case

  • Use case 1, 2 & 3:
    • Need to ensure that no Maps are used
    • Add support to JSPs to allow re-ordering of items in lists
    • Wireframes and usability guidelines from Linton
  • Use case 4:
    • Need to use a listener/registration pattern to allow other beans to tie into the populate/saveProperties lifecycle
    • The UI framework task to allow 'commonly named beans' so that JSPs references to beans don't have to change will also help with this use case
  • Use case 5:
    • If the wizard framework gets implemented moving this should be fairly easy as it will come down to configuration and reusing the pages
  • Use case 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10:
    • New JSP pages and supporting Java code
    • Wireframes from Linton


  1. 0.5 days
  2. 0.5 days
  3. 0.5 days
  4. 1 day
  5. With framework changes done: 1 day; Without framework changes: 2 days
  6. 1 day
  7. If it is literally just capturing the JavaScript: 0.5 days
  8. 1 day
  9. 5 days
  10. 0.5 days