Action and Rules Tasks and Roadmap

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Action and Rules Tasks and Roadmap

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Action Service

Alfresco Release 1.4

  Description     Status     JIRA  
  Decouple Actions and Rules     Complete       AR-825  
  The execution order of rules/conditions/actions should be guarenteed     Complete       AR-826
  Allow more than one rule type on a rule. (not available in UI yet)     Complete       AR-827  
  Allow execution of rules immediatly as well as at the end of the transaction.     Complete       AR-828  
  Allow rules to be disabled individually via the UI.     Complete       AR-829  
  Add config so that the rule service can be turned off..     Complete       AR-830  
  Add a 'Do not inherit' flag to a space that contains rules.     Complete       AR-831  

Future Release

  Description     Estimate     JIRA  
  Allow code reuse of rule/action/condition objects by removing generation of unique id's from service layer.     Not Set       Not Set  
  Change action persistence so that actions can be stored anywhere.     Not Set       Not Set  
  Extend action and condition spring configuration capabilities  
  • Allow default values applicable to the action or condition to be set in the Spring config.
  • Default values set are reflected in the created actions and conditions automatically.

  Not Set       Not Set  
  Extend type applicability  
  • Applicable types also apply to conditions
  • Actioned upon nodes can be auto-type checked before action or condition execution
  • Add methods to services to allow filtered list of conditions to be retrieved
  • Support aspect applicability (i.e.: an action can only be executed if a relevant aspect is present on the actioned upon node)
  Not Set       Not Set  
  Add a rule cache implementation.     Not Set       Not Set  
  Add a 'Trace Launch' flag.  When set the details of the rule are logged when it is lauched.  These details could be sotred in the repo.     To do       Not Set  
  Personal rules implementation.  Will allow rules to be run as the user who created the personal rule.     To do       Not Set  
  Copy and move rules between spaces.     Not Set       Not Set  
  Add support for reusable rule sets.     Not Set       Not Set  
  Add incomplete rule type, required Data Dictionary support.     Not Set       Not Set  
  Execution of actions on sets of nodes.     Not Set       Not Set  
  Rule/Action/Condition templates.  Add tha ability to create and action based on another.     Not Set       Not Set  
  Rule/Action/Condition library.  A place to hold reusable actions.     Not Set       Not Set  
  Custom actions implemented in script, eg JavaScript, Ruby.     Not Set       Not Set  
  Advanced conditions (Composite Conditions)     Not Set       Not Set  
  Action audit history     Not Set       Not Set  
  Action preview and debug     Not Set       Not Set  
  Action re-do and undo     Not Set       Not Set  
  Improved error reporting, especially for async actions.     Not Set       Not Set  
  External triggers.  Allow events external to Alfesco to trigger events.     Not Set       Not Set