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ADW FAQ (Talk)

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This feature is very important, the current Alfresco WCM Web UI is very convoluted and way to complex for the average business user, in my experience this has been the failing point in most Enterprise WCM systems and Alfresco WCM out of the box UI does not escape this, it is far from easy to use and unless you have been doing this for a while or worked with other WCMS like Interwoven Teamsite the learning curve is way to steep.

In our evaluation of the Alfresco WCM product the UI is the show stopper (in fact there are manny comments about this on other forums and blogs). There is no way we can gain mass adoption with the current UI.

We are certainly hopping that ADW is a high priority initiative at Alfresco as is would be a welcome addition to the product.

Any dates???

Keep up the good work.


Mrogers 00:01, 11 December 2008 (UTC) But I understand that most users use WCM through CIFS or FTP.   The UI is then pretty much irrelevant.  I hear a lot that it takes time for people to understand what WCM is.

Also Web Studio which was released in the labs release last week is a rework of the ideas in ADW based upon the share interface.   Please feel free to look at Web Studio and contribute feedback.