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Aikau Framework

Intermediate II
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Aikau is available on GitHub at:

The official documentation is at:'

Aikau Framework

Aikau is a UI framework that was developed by Alfresco and included in the Alfresco 4.2 release. It was expanded and developed further Alfresco One 5.0. Unlike the majority of Alfresco source code it can be found in its own GitHub repository ( The project is managed on its own JIRA board ( There are weekly backwards compatible releases.

The framework consists of a method of loading and defining UI widgets and also includes the widgets that have been built using it.



  • Header


4.2 areas, plus:

  • Live Search
  • Filtered Search Page
  • Search Management Page
  • Site Management Page
  • Analytics and Reporting Widgets
  • Page Creator
  • Document List prototype

Aikau Documentation

There are lots of resources to help developers with the Aikau framework, however these resources are spread out over various different sites. This page serves to collate the resources and act as a single point of reference.

Alfresco's Official Documentation

Tutorials (currently Alpha):


Introducing Aikau: (Dave Draper)

Community Tutorial

Working with the new Aikau framework in Alfresco Share 4.2 and the blog post that accompanied it: (Ole Hejlskov)

Summit 2013 Videos

Summit 2014 Sessions

Slides and demo videos:

Tech Talk Lives

Mini Examples

Using Aikau With Other UI Frameworks

Share Extension modules

Aikau extensions are done via the extension module approach that was introduced in Alfresco 4.0:

with Aikau specific examples:

Third Party Aikau Extensions

Aikau Widget Documentation

Why did we choose the name Aikau?

The Aikau framework is named after the legendary Hawaiian Surfer Eddie Aikau, named because the framework sits atop Surf.