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Alfresco 3.3

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The official documentation is at:

Enterprise Edition 3.3

Community Edition 3.3


This section provides download and installation resources for Alfresco Community Edition 3.3.

End Users Getting Started Tutorials

The following tutorials are available for the Community Edition 3.3 release.

Alfresco Applications

Alfresco Share

Web Content Management

WCM Deployment Engine

  • DM_Deployment_Target : An additional deployment target added to WCM deployment facilities. This Deployment Receiver allows WCM content authored and stored within the AVM to be deployed to local and remote Alfresco repositories (Alfresco DM).

Web Editor (AWE)

The Alfresco Web Editor allows in-context editing to Alfresco (non-AVM) stored content, enabling non-technical content authors to edit content items stored within an Alfresco repository directly from the web page. This is a Spring Surf-based web application that uses the Forms Service to provide in-context editing capabilities to Alfresco repository content (non-AVM). The AWE is packaged as a stand-alone WAR file so that it can be deployed to web applications that are remote to the Alfresco application server.

Web Editor Framework (WEF)

The Alfresco Web Editor Framework (WEF) is a JavaScript client side framework rendering a toolbar and associated controls.

Alfresco Services

This section provides resources to Alfresco services.

Rendition Service

The Rendition API allows developers to build solutions for easily repurposing content for the web, for example, creating a PDF rendition from a Word document or generating a PNG image rendition from a JPG image. FreeMarker and XSLT templates can also be used as part of the Rendition API.

Rendering Engines

Transfer Service

The Transfer Service API lets developers build solutions that transfer content between Alfresco repositories (non AVM). This type of transfer allows rich content structures and relationships to be maintained between Alfresco environments. This is especially useful to WCM architectures where Alfresco provides both authoring and delivery tier components.

Forms Service

Search Service



CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) is a standard for improving interoperability between ECM systems. It specifies a domain model plus a set of services and protocol bindings for Web Services (SOAP) and AtomPub.

CMIS Implementation

This section provides resources for using CMIS with Alfresco.

CMIS Resources

Keep up to date:


The Alfresco Surf platform is a robust, enterprise-class web application and site assembly framework that bundles a full site construction object model and toolkit for building class-leading web applications. Alfresco's scriptable web technologies were contributed as formal Spring Framework extensions. Spring Surf includes the following technologies:

Web Scripts


Alfresco Community Edition 3.3 lets you integrate with the following:


Alfresco has various APIs to access and extend the Alfresco out-of-the-box services.

Remote APIs

  • RESTful API : Scripting the Alfresco repository via a RESTful API
  • Web Services API : A WSDL-based API providing standard remote access to the Alfresco repository from any client environment, for example, PHP, .NET, Java

Scripting APIs