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Learning Alfresco Web Scripts (2014) by Ramesh Chauhan. Modifications to the Alfresco repository and user interfaces are done with web scripts. This book teaches the fundamentals of web scripts so that you can implement your own custom REST APIs on top of the Alfresco repository and implement customized business solutions effectively.

Alfresco CMIS (2014) by Martin Bergljung. This book is for developers who want to learn how to build applications that talk to Alfresco using the CMIS standard over HTTP using XML or JSON. This book also covers Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) with CMIS featuring Drupal and Mule ESB.

CMIS and Apache Chemistry in Action (2013) by Florian Mueller, Jay Brown, and Jeff Potts. CMIS and Apache Chemistry in Action is a comprehensive guide to the CMIS standard and related ECM concepts. In it, you'll tackle hands-on examples for building applications on CMIS repositories from both the client and the server sides. You'll learn how to create new content-centric applications that install and run in any CMIS-compliant repository. In fact, you'll have running code talking to a real CMIS server by the end of chapter 1. You'll find working examples using the Apache Chemistry APIs for Java, Python, C#, Objective-C, and PHP, but you can use the techniques you'll learn in this book to work with CMIS repositories using any language that can speak HTTP—including JavaScript. The Alfresco community saves 37% when you use this discount code: 12cmisal

Alfresco 4 Enterprise Content Management Implementation (2013) by Munwar Shariff, Snehal Shah, Rajesh R Avatani, Jayesh Prajapati, Vandana Pal, Vinita Choudhary, Amita Bhandari and Pallika Majmudar of CIGNEX, published by Packt publishers. This book is designed for experienced users, business owners, or system administrators who want to install and use Alfresco in their teams or businesses. You need to have a degree of technical confidence, but you do not require specialist system admin or developer skills to get a basic system up and running. Though this book is not a developer guide, various examples in the book will help you to extend Alfresco functionality and to integrate Alfresco with external systems.

Activiti in Action (2012) by Tijs Rademakers. Activiti in Action is a comprehensive tutorial designed to introduce developers to the world of business process modeling using Activiti. Before diving into the nuts and bolts of Activiti, this book presents a solid introduction to BPMN 2.0 from a developer's perspective. You quickly move to examples and best practices that show you how to implement BPMN 2.0 processes with Activiti. You'll explore all the key areas of process modeling, including workflow, ESB usage, process monitoring, event handling, business rule engines, and document management integration. Download a sample chapter here: Media:ActivitiinActionCH13B.pdf.

Alfresco Share (2012) by Amita Bhandari, Pallika Majmudar, Vinita Choudhary. This book helps you understand the concepts and benefits of Share, shows you how to leverage a single installation to manage multiple sites, and provides a case study-based approach for effective understanding.

Alfresco 3 Cookbook (2011) by Snig Bhaumik. This Alfresco 3 cookbook boasts a comprehensive selection of recipes covering everything from the basics to the advanced. The book has recipes for quickly installing Alfresco in Windows and Linux and helping you use custom content model, rules, and search. There is also a collection of recipes focused on creating Scripts, Freemarker templates, Web Scripts, and new workflow definitions.

Alfresco 3 Business Solutions (2011) by Martin Bergljung. Alfresco 3 Business Solutions is a practical and easy to use guide which, instead of teaching you just how to use Alfresco, teaches you how to live Alfresco. It will guide you through implementing real world solutions through real world scenarios. Each ECM problem is treated as a separate case study and has its own chapter, enabling you to uncover the practical aspects of an ECM implementation.

Alfresco 3 Records Management (2011) by Dick Weisinger. Alfresco 3 Records Management is a complete guide for setting up records programs within organizations. The book is the first and only one that describes Alfresco's implementation of Records Management. It not only teaches the technology for implementing Records Management, but also discusses the important roles that both processes and people play in the building of a successful records program.

Alfresco 3 Web Services (2010) by Ugo Cei and Piergiorgio Lucidi. This is the latest book on Alfresco covering applications using Web Services, WebScripts and CMIS. By the end of this book, you will be able to put together your knowledge about CMIS and the Apache Chemistry toolkit to develop a complete working application that uses Alfresco, via CMIS, as a back-end storage. Additionally this book also covers the Web Services security profiles and the best practices for Web Services to promote better interoperability.

Professional Alfresco: Practical Solutions for Enterprise Content Management (2010) This guide to Alfresco 3.2 was written by the technical team who designed and developed Alfresco. It covered all the fundamentals for development on both the repository and the early versions of Alfresco Share, including detailed tutorials and sample applications.

Alfresco 3 Enterprise Content Management Implementation (2009) by Munwar Shariff, Vinita Choudhary, Amita Bhandari and Pallika Majumdar of CIGNEX, published by Packt publishers. This is the latest book on Alfresco covering Alfresco 3.1 features such as Alfresco Share, Multi-tenancy, SharePoint services and integrations with Facebook, iGoogle and Liferay.

Alfresco Developer Guide (2008) by Jeff Potts was the most important book for learning Alfresco for many years. It is still a useful guide for repository services that were mature at the writing of this book, but most readers will benefit more from the updated tutorials prepared by Jeff Potts.