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Alfresco Community 5.0

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What's new in Alfresco Community 5.0?

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Alfresco Community 5.0.b
Alfresco Community 5.0.a

Search Improvements

  • SOLR 4.9 as main indexing subsystem
  • SOLR 1.4 and SOLR 4.9 are currently both available in the Installer to allow an upgrade path or for your testing purposes switching between the search sub-systems. SOLR 4.9 will be required going forward to use all new features in Share Search screen.
  • Filtered Search Results. Alfresco Share search interface now uses filters (also known as facets)
    • Many filter types (including Site, Tag, custom properties) are possible and configuration screens for this feature can be accessed via the Search Manager action. Custom facet controls can be created using the flexible Aikau framework (SOLR4)
  • Search suggestions and spellcheck/'did you mean' search results (SOLR4)
  • Inline actions – the user may now perform useful work within the search results page.
  • Inline previewer - images and documents can be previewed within the search results page.
  • The default search operator for a multi-term search has changed from OR to AND.
  • URL fragment history – the user entered search terms, selected search filters and sort settings are made part of the URL history.
  • Infinite scroll - rather than paging we are using infinite scroll to present long result lists.
  • Instant Search Results. The feature provides near real-time search results for Documents, Sites and People immediately as the user is typing in the search box. Wiki and blog page results are also shown.

HTML5 pdf.js Previewer

  • Pure HTML5 based document previewer with modern browser support, faster performance and no reliance on 3rd party plugins.
  • Based on the pdf.js open-source project originally contributed by Mozilla. It is high performance PDF viewer that can display complex multi-page PDF documents in any HTML5 compatible browser – including desktop browsers and mobile devices.
  • Multiple pages can be displayed on screen, with an optional mini summary view and linked table of contents.
  • The version of pdf.js used is 1.0.907.

TinyMCE4 Editor

  • The inline HTML editor used to edit .html content, comments, wiki, blog and discussion pages in Alfresco has been upgraded to TinyMCE4.
  • TinyMCE4 features an improved menu driven interface to hide a lot of UI clutter. Plus a 'distraction free' full screen editing mode.

Site Administration

  • Sites Manager feature in Share Admin Tools enables an Administrator to control access and delete sites from a single admin screen.


  • Site File Type Breakdown and Site Contributor Breakdown charts

SpringSurf 5.0.0 – Aikau framework

CMIS 1.1

Transfer service

  • Transfer of categories and tags.

Administration Console

The repository-tier administration console framework has been added to Community Edition, as documented in ALF-21133:

  • Workflow console
  • Multi-tenant console
  • Content model console
  • In-process node browser component

Google Docs 3.0

Google deprecated the Documents List API that was used by the previous Google Docs integration. The previous integration will stop working on or about April 20, 2015. This release uses the new API that will continue to work after that date.

In addition to the API changes, this release includes many enhancements to security, administration, and shared editing capability. The documentation is here.

Share Public API

  • A proxy endpoint was added to Share that allows developers to make calls to the Alfresco Public API and CMIS API from Share.  /proxy/alfresco-api


  • Previews and thumbnails now generated for OpenOffice ODG drawing format.
  • Spring libraries updated to 3.2.10
    • Other dependent libraries have been updated to more recent versions, including: Activiti, myBatis, PDFBox, Apache Commons, Tika etc.
  • Various UI tweaks and improvements, including header clean-up.
  • Read/preview activities, roll-up of similar Activities in Activities dashlet and notification emails.

What's Removed from Alfresco Community 5.0

With the release of Enterprise Edition 5.0, we have stopped supporting the Explorer UI and AVM functionality. Therefore we removed this code from Community Edition 5.0.b.

In addition, we removed the following developer platform features:

  • The old Java SDK (replaced with the Maven-based SDK in Github)
  • The CMIS API endpoints from 3.x and 4.0 (superseded by the CMIS API endpoints in the Public API which have been available since 4.2)
  • “CML” SOAP API (superseded by CMIS)
  • JCR * JCR-RMI (superseded by CMIS)
  • URL Addressability API (superseded by WebScripts)
  • Flex SDK (hard to maintain)
  • Forms Development Kit (superseded by Aikau)
  • Web Framework Samples (out of date)
  • KB Sample App (out of date)
  • Alfresco Benchmark v1 (superseded by a newer version)

And the following user level platform features:

  • Google Docs v1 (superseded by a newer version)
  • Records Management v1 (superseded by a newer version)
  • Google Gadgets (deprecated by Google)
  • Liferay Portlets (superseded in Liferay 6.1 by the Documents and Media portlet that uses CMIS)
  • Blog Publishing (hard to maintain because of changing target APIs)
  • Social Publishing (hard to maintain because of changing target APIs)
  • Lucene (superseded by Solr, documentation on migrating to Solr)

Though included in Alfresco Community Edition 5.0.d, the following features are considered deprecated and will be removed in a future version:

  • NFS
  • jBPM (superseded by Activiti)

Release Notes