Alfresco Community Edition 201509 EA Release Notes

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Alfresco Community Edition 201509 EA Release Notes

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Alfresco Community Edition 201509 EA Release


These release notes provide information for the 201509 Early Access release of Alfresco Community Edition.

Early access releases are intended for interested parties to test new features, provide feedback, and collaborate on development. This release is not meant to replace the previous Generally Available release.

Care should be taken when upgrading any previous Alfresco Community version. Backup your Alfresco alf_data and database before upgrading, and read the documentation.


Release Details


Goals for this Release


This is the second release of the 5.1 code line of the Alfresco Platform and Alfresco Share. It contains no new features since 201508-EA, but has lots of bug fixes. Though still an EA release due to a lack of documentation, incomplete localization, and incomplete testing, our preliminary test results make us optimistic that this release should be reliable in most circumstances. Early adopters might consider upgrading after completing their own tests.

Also, this release contains a number of security fixes related to XSS attacks and XML injection attacks. These security concerns require authenticated access to exploit, and so were labeled as 'Medium' and did not warrant a security advisory. But deployments of Community Edition with specific security concerns might consider upgrading to this release to take advantage of these fixes..

Please report issues with this release in the issue tracker. You can collaborate on this release in the Alfresco forums. Other feedback can be provided by emailing


Notable New Features


There are no new features since the previous release.

The page dedicated to Alfresco Community Edition 5.1 lists all the features in the 5.1 line of Alfresco releases.


Feature Removals




  • Alfresco Platform 5.1.b (SCM tag)
  • Alfresco Share 5.1.b (SCM tag)
  • Alfresco File Transfer Receiver 5.1.b
  • Alfresco Web Quick Start and Web Editor 5.1.b
  • Google Docs 3.0.2 (SCM tag)
  • Aikau (SCM tag)

Upgraded 3rd Party Components


  • Java 1.8.0_51
  • LibreOffice 4.4.5
  • PostgreSQL 9.4.4
  • ImageMagick 6.9.1

Issues Addressed


This release contains all bug fixes since the Community Edition 5.0.d release.

Important fixes:


  • MNT-14125: Errors after upgrading to 5.0.
  • ALF-21333: Problems with JDK 7. Note that we addressed the build problem so this release should work with Java 7. However, we are only testing on Java 8.

The individual JIRA projects that contain the components of this release can be queried to get a complete list of issues addressed in this release since the previous GA release (5.0.d). Note that JIRA behaves inconsistently with these queries when you are not logged in.


  • ALF: Fixes to Alfresco requested by the open source community (often copied to another project to get assigned to a team).
  • ACE: Improvements to Alfresco requested by product management.
  • MNT: Fixes to Alfresco requested by customers.
  • SHA: Fixes for Alfresco Share
  • AKU: Fixes to the Aikau UI library that Share uses.



Download this release from the 201509-EA File List.

Further instructions are with the GA releases on the Download and Install Alfresco page.

The Alfresco supplied installers will install all you need to run Alfresco on your machine; which includes JDK, Tomcat, SOLR, Share, Google Docs integration, LibreOffice, Sharepoint module etc.

Note: JVM memory now defaults to half system memory, minimum of 2GB.

Note: latest OS patches are always recommended.


Prerequisites for manual install


  • DB: MySQL 5.6 or PostgreSQL 9.4.4
  • App Server: Tomcat 7.0.59
  • Java Version: JDK 8 (installer shipped with JDK 1.8.0_51)
  • LibreOffice 4.4

Known Issues


  • This release is an Early Access and has not yet been thoroughly tested.
  • There is no updated documentation for this release.
  • Not all strings in this release have been localized into all bundled languages.
  • Records Management 2.3.c causes problems with the search screens and page permissions. We expect to soon release Records Management 2.4.a which should be compatible with Alfresco Share 5.1.b.
  • This release was built to be compatible with Java 7, but this has not yet been tested.
  • Will not install on OSX El Capitan. (ACE-4374)
  • Will not install on Windows 10. (ACE-4276)

Please refer to the Alfresco issue tracker for other known issues in Community 5.1.

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