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Alfresco Community Edition file list 201704

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Alfresco Community 201704 is available for Windows 32 bit, Windows 64 bit, Linux 64 bit, and Mac OS X.


For further information, refer to the release notes: Alfresco Community Edition 201704 GA Release Notes     ‌

Complete Installation


Windows icon 64-bit Windows Installer (after downloading, follow the simple install instructions for Windows)
(md5: 3be5d3ef74f833d60a0c47af1413c3ba)


Windows icon 32-bit Windows Installer (after downloading, follow the simple install instructions for Windows)
(md5: d2f9e3d69e811aac082ffc3666c69ca6)


Linux icon 64-bit Linux Installer (after downloading, follow the simple install instructions for Linux)
(md5: 883ed208adf0b237a4d85098275cb05c)


Mac icon Mac installer (after downloading, follow the simple install instructions for MacIntosh)
(md5: df993625b58a45074e98dbdf9b44d4e6)


Maven repository


Alfresco Community 201704 artifacts are available in our Maven repository under the versions. (The release
contains exactly the same artefacts as 201702 but with the addition of Records Management 2.5.b).

  • 5.2.f for Alfresco Platform
  • 5.2.e for Alfresco Share.

Check the Alfresco Artifacts Repository page to configure Maven accordingly.

You may also want to check the Maven Alfresco SDK project, which provides archetypes to help you start a project easily.


Individual Components and Custom Installs



(md5: 83985dbdae0ef0d8a10712494e7d2f8f)
Use this download for manual install. Contains Web Archive (WAR) bundles for the Alfresco repository and Share UI.

This file also contains Module Management tool, JLAN native libraries for windows and Solr4 integration
(md5: 25246f73444ceeb5584389fd7ea22b79)
Alfresco File Transfer Receiver
(md5: d83b40b31656ad4acd11c4bfb6315298)
Alfresco Web Quick Start -- refer to [Alfresco Web Quick Start documentation].
(md5: cc7a3a1815ab96d0c77f9add8c1fe8ff)
Alfresco Web Editor -- refer to [Alfresco Web Editor documentation].
(md5: 30d6d888404674cb99bd6c57ad55e178)
Alfresco Solr4 Integration version 5.2.e

Records Management 

(md5: d0ccba4120ca1cb12a6ed232273e09e6)
Alfresco Records Management Community 2.5.b

Solr 6 Integration

(md5: ca9239b519a9bdaf734dbe530ed6a6e5)
Alfresco Solr6 Integration version 1.0.0

GoogleDocs Integration

(md5: 2ae7e17c44b2894c6700ac9f2465d58b)
Repository AMP for GoogleDocs integration
(md5: 3aad2d7e46c7e83a0e3895a4e3f15f91)
Share AMP for GoogleDocs integration


Alfresco Office Services Module


This is a free to use proprietary module licensed under the Alfresco Component License.

(md5: c1c080976b852ead9436562453e627b1)
Alfresco Office Services module


Community Provided Packages


These are unofficial packages maintained by members of our open source community. Share your own by commenting on this document.

FileDescriptionFeedback Method
Alfresco Ubuntu Install
Alfresco Employee

Looks like link is pointing at a wrong place. It should be and it should include the new distribution, right?


It is exactly the same release for Share and Repo (see text under header Maven Repository).

Very odd to create a release just to add a new release of Records Management  will create a lot of confusion. Why just not release RM separetely?

Alfresco Employee

Hi Angel Borroy‌, the link now is correct. Thank you for pointing on the issue.

Senior Member

Hi Peter,

We're still getting to grips with this new packaging format and trying out approaches. Bundling RM makes it easier to get everything in one place, but as always we welcome feedback.

Would it help if we called it on the release notes what has changed from last release and what hasn't?




Alfresco started separating components with the idea that Share and Repo could have different releases. So internally they now have different release numbers 5.2.<letter>, but these major components have still been released as a bundle 201702 etc. I don't mind that and it makes sense to release those two major components that make up Alfresco as a bundle. Now comes the RM and uses the same numbering scheme so one would expect that the included major components have changed, but they have not. What of it next time, when you want to release Share and Repo, but there is no release of RM, will it be part of the release or not?

There is just no consistency to release numbering/scheme, it changes from time to time and those new to Alfresco will just be confused. Like should one use 201702 or 201704, doesn't matter they are the same if you do not plan to install RM. But I have 5.2.f installed of X, is that the latest version? Not easy to find out is it?

Why not keep RM separate, call the release something like 201704RM so it differs from the "core" releases.

Instead of these file list pages, I think it would be better to create one page that has a list of all Alfresco downloads (repo, share, add ons such as RM and AOS), latest version and what minimum version of Alfresco they require to work and build number version (such as 5.2.f).

This will give you one place where you can find everything offered from Alfresco.

Senior Member

You've made some good points there, primarily:

1) We've got no easy way to determine the latest community release. I can see that a Wiki page listing the versions would be useful.

2) RM is sometimes bundled and sometimes isn't. My view is that it should always be bundled - I believe it wasn't for the past few releases as we hadn't released a 5.2 compatible version, but we should make sure it's included in the future.

We discussed this in a Governance team meeting earlier, with regard to the upcoming 2.6.a release. Our thought is that it in addition to bundled releases which contain all artefacts, we'd like the ability to release the RM module on its own as soon as it's ready.

I'll discuss this issue with the team who looks after this stuff and I'll try to make sure that we're as clear as we can be on when we'll release a new bundle, when new releases of individual modules are available and where one can go to find those.



Member II

Hello, is not working.

Established Member II

I just fixed the link.

Sorry about that, and thanks for your report!


As usual, we appreciate Peter Löfgren driving a discussion and providing some useful suggestions.

The easiest way to determine the latest community release is to download from the Alfresco Community Edition product page on You can also look at the "Featured Downloads" box on the main page of theAlfresco ECM space (though it was broken for a chunk of last year, so we used the "Featured Content" box instead).

Those locations point to the Release Notes of the latest releases. Each month's Release Notes will explain what changed.


Records Management should always be bundled. It wasn't bundled for a period of the 5.2 release cycle because it wasn't compatible, and so this was listed as a known issue on the release notes. We want to avoid that happening in the future.

Individual teams within Alfresco might choose to make other versions of their projects available through this community or through GitHub, but we want to continue the practice of pulling together the latest releases of the components in Alfresco Content Services on a monthly basis in a bundle with information about what has changed.