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The official documentation is at:

Our aim is to build a strong community of contributors around Alfresco to help us build a world-class content management platform.

Our Mission (DRAFT: leave comments on the discussion page)

Alfresco’s open source model has produced the best ECM platform on the planet, and our mission is to make it the preferred choice for all problems related to content. The mission of the Alfresco community is to nurture and grow the ecosystem around the platform. The members of the community help each other solve content problems, share tools and knowledge, advance their careers, and create business and personal relationships. The efforts of the community bring inclusiveness, openness, transparency, and freedom of choice to the IT industry.

Community Resources

We provide public access to most of our developer resources including full developer documentation on our wiki, our issue-tracking database and our source control system.

We also maintain a number of public forums where you can get help and advice about Alfresco.

Getting Involved

The easiest way in which you can contribute to Alfresco is through using the software and giving us your feedback. We welcome issue and enhancement requests submitted through our JIRA issue-tracking system as well as general feedback on the forums.

If you're a developer, you can contribute fixes or enhancements of your own back to Alfresco. We have a growing developer community and you don't have to be a Java expert to become a part of that.