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Alfresco Enterprise Edition 3.2r

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The official documentation is at:

Alfresco Enterprise Edition 3.2r was released on February 15, 2010.

For more detailed information on Alfresco Enterprise Edition 3.2r information, refer to Alfresco Network.

The following notes provide overview information on the Alfresco Enterprise Edition 3.2r release.

New and Enhanced Features

This release includes many new features and enhancements. The following provides a summary of the new capabilities.

Enterprise Support for Records Management Module

The Alfresco Enterprise 3.2r release introduces support for the DoD 5015.2 certified  Records Management module ( This enables Records Management (RM) sites to be created alongside collaboration sites, all managed through the Share user interface.

Important  The Records Management module is a separately licensed component. Please contact Alfresco Sales for more information.

Features include:

  • File Plan
    • Records Series, Records Categories and Records Folders
    • User defined Metadata
    • Multiple Record Types for both electronic and physical records
  • Record Filing
    • 3 Step Filing: File-Edit- Metadata->Declare
    • Declare and Undeclare
    • File emails with attachments and split attachments
    • User defined metadata extraction for filed email messages
  • Disposition Schedules
    • Cutoff, Transfer, Retain, Accession, Destroy
    • Unlimited steps in disposition schedule
    • Automatic transitions
      • Time Period including days, months, calendar year, financial year, quarter
      • User Events
      • System Events
  • Events
    • User-defined e.g. Case Closed, GAO Audit Complete
  • Security
    • New and enhanced security for RM Sites
      • Records Management Roles - Administrator, Manager, Power User, User
      • Over 50 specific Capabilities such as Close Folders, Destroy Records Scheduled For Destruction and many more
      • Supplementary Markings - labels applied to records to further control user access
      • Holds for the prevention of changes to frozen records
  • References
    • Multiple pre-defined Reference (relationship) types including:
      • Cross-Reference, Enclosures, Obsolete, Rendition, Supersedes, Supporting Documentation, Version
    • Controlled via capabilities and permissions
  • Searching
    • Record and content properties
    • Configurable results output and search
    • Disposal schedules
    • Calculated values e.g. Cut of Dates
    • Filter on records status
    • User defined properties
    • Saved searches
  • Auditing
    • User and system initiated actions
    • Metadata changes (before and after values)
    • Export
    • Searching and filtering of audit data
  • Administration Console
    • Roles
    • Custom Metadata
    • Email property extraction mapping
    • Events
    • List of Values for custom metadata, drop down lists etc
    • Relationships

For a more detailed list of the components, refer to the capabilities definition.


  • New Share based Repository Document Library
    • Provides full access to all content (spaces and files) in the Alfresco repository according to user permissions.
    • Comprehensive document management features including:
      • Checkin, Checkout, Version Control
      • Custom Types, Aspects and Metadata
    • Thumbnails & Previews
    • Favorites, Comments
    • Multiple Navigation options including:
      • Spaces (Folders)
      • Filters: I’m Editing, Favorites
      • Tags
      • Categories
    • Supports moving and copying documents to Share Sites

Note: Please see Enabling_Share_Repository_Document_Library for instructions on how the enable the Repository Document Library.

  • Creation and editing of text-based documents
    • Available in both the Site Document Library and Repository Document Library
    • Supports Plain Text, HTML using Rich Text Editor, and XML
  • WebDAV Link from Document Details
    • Open Document over WebDAV
  • “Open in Alfresco Explorer” folder details link
    • Link allows easy access to Explorer interface (for managing rules, for example)


  • New Subsystem for OpenOffice transformation – OOoJODConverter
    • Improved performance and scalability for OpenOffice based transformations:
      • Configurable pool of OpenOffice transformation processes
      • Automatic restart of hung transformations
      • Automatic termination of slow transformation
      • Automatic restart after a n transformations

Portlet Development

  • Portal Single Sign-On (SSO) and URL Rewriting for Web Script Framework
    • Aids development and deployment of portlets within a portal container on a remote tier
    • Includes CMISFolder Portlet (Sample portlet providing an example of how to build portlet supporting SSO and url rewriting when running in a portal).


  • WCM deployment – AVM to DM
    • As part of the 3.2 r release, WCM deployment facilities have been enhanced to add an additional deployment target.  This additional deployment receiver allows WCM content authored and stored within the AVM to be deployed to local and remote Alfresco repositories (Alfresco DM).
    • The Alfresco Deployment Receiver is configured as sub-system and a new Data Dictionary folder Web Deployed is configured as default as the deployment target.

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