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Alfresco Labs 3 Share Feature List

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The official documentation is at:

The following provides details of all the major features in the Alfresco Labs 3 Share release.

Site Dashboard

Standard dashlets for:

  • Site Colleagues - Find and view rich profiles for site colleagues
  • Documents Recently Modified - Easily find the documents modified within the past seven days
  • Site Profile - Description of the site
  • Calender - Summary of the upcoming scheduled events
  • Site Activities - See the recent changes that have taken place across the site
  • Wiki Page Viewer - Display any Wiki page on the site dashboard
  • Configurable Site Dashboards via drag and drop

Site Management

  • Customizable Page Components - Simple definition of the collaboration components required for your site
  • Site Finder - Search for Public sites, users are automatically consumers of public sites
  • Site Members - Managed, email based, invite process for existing users or new (non-registered) users to join site; Automatic registration for new users; Manage site invites pending, accepted, and cancel invites
  • Site Profile - Site metadata including name and description
  • Favorite Sites - User managed personal lists of favorite sites for quick access

Personal Dashboard

  • Dashboard Layout Templates - Multi-column layout templates
  • Drag and Drop Dashboard Customization - Add, remove, and position dashlets on your personal dashboard using drag and drop
  • Out-of-the-box Dashlets:
    • Activities in My Sites - Rolled up view of all the activities for the sites of which you are a member
    • My Profile Dashlet - Displays a summary of your user profile
    • My Sites - Create new sites and access sites of which you are a member
    • User Calendar - Rolled up view of all calendar events for all your sites
    • RSS Feed - Display any RSS feed on your dashboard

Site Dashboard

  • Customisable Page Components - Simple definition of the collaboration components required for your site.
  • Site Dashlets:
    • Site Activities
    • Site Profile
    • Documents Recently Modified
    • Site Colleauges - Find and view site users rich profiles
    • Wiki Page View - Display Wiki page on site dashboard
    • Links - Display and Visit Site Links (URLs)

Site Component - Document Library

  • Multi-file upload - Bulk upload multiple files in a single operation
  • Dynamic Filters - Filter the list of files based on Tags, Recently added/modified, Files you/others are editing
  • Hierarchical (Tree) or Drill-down browsing
  • Rich Document Metadata - including Name, Title, Description, Mimetype, and Tags
  • Version Control - Simple update process, major/minor versions, version comments, and version history
  • Commenting
  • Thumbnails - Automatic generation for wide-range of formats including MSOffice, OpenOffice, Image, and PDF
  • Flash Previews - Full Flash-based document preview, no download or client application launch required
  • Multi-Select Operations - Move/Copy multiple items in a single operation
  • RSS Feed for recent changes
  • Fine grained permissions
  • Simple editing support for MS Office Documents*

* Requires Windows and IE6+

Site Component - Blog

  • Blog posting to Site and External Blogs - Post blogs as draft, to the site and/or to external blogging sites including TypePad and WordPress
  • Dymamic Filters - Filter list of blog post based on Tags, Draft, Latest, Published internally/externally
  • Commenting - Commenting support against blog posts
  • Blog Archives - Find old posts based on published dates
  • RSS Feed for latest blog posts

Site Component - Calendar

  • Multiple Views - Day/Week/Month/Agenda
  • Drag n' Drop Events to update
  • Event Tagging - Tagging and filtering of events
  • iCalendar Support

Site Component - Discussions

  • Threaded Discussions - Post topic and replies
  • Dynamic Filtering - Tags/New/Hot/All/My Topics
  • RSS Feed for latest discussions

Site Component - Wiki

  • Simple Page Creation - Simple GUI driven page editing
  • Cross-page Linking - Standard wiki markup for page linking such as [[My Target Page]]
  • Automatic Target Page Creation - Clicking a link to a target that doesn't exist yet opens the target page for editing
  • Dynamic Page Filtering - Tags/Recently Modified/Recently Added/My Pages/Main Page
  • Automatic Versioning and History - Updates automatically version and ability to view previous versions
  • Redirect on Rename - Automatic redirect links when the target page has been renamed

Site Component - Links

  • Capture links (URLs) to any location
  • Links open in same or new window/tab
  • Filtering - Tags, All Links, My Links, Recently Added


  • Google Style Simple Search - Single search box searches across all site content including metadata and full text
  • Individual or all Sites - Search within a particular site or across all sites

User Experience

  • AJAX driven UI built using the Yahoo YUI Library
  • Drag & Drop Layouts for dashboard, calender
  • Thumbnails
  • Adobe Flash Document Previews allows zoom'ed, thumbnail, full screen view of document content
  • Dynamic Panel Resizing
  • User-friendly URLs pages are human readable, can be bookmarked and emailed
  • Support for browser 'Back' button


  • Alfresco Share can now be run in an Alfresco multi-tenant environment

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