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Welcome to the Alfresco Labs 3 Final release.

What's New with this Release

This is release is considered a final Alfresco Labs release and includes numerous bug fixes and enhancements. However, please note that for production use Alfresco recommends the Enterprise version. Alfresco Enterprise is the certified and supported release which also includes warranty and indemnity with support provided by Alfresco and its certified partners. Some features included in the Labs release may be considered experimental or not production quality and are intended to be showcases for evaluation and feedback. Please see Alfresco Enterprise Trial for access to an enterprise trial.

In addition to numerous bug fixes, this release provides the following enhancements:

  • Final Labs Release - including all functionality in previous 3x Labs releases
  • Share Enhancements:
    • Simple Online Edit for MS Office Documents
    • Significantly improved Flash document previewer including zoom, auto fit page/width, thumbnails and full screen view to allow easy viewing and reading of content without requiring any download
    • Favorite Sites - Sites can be added to a personal list of favorite sites to allow quick access
    • New calendar including drag n' drop event updates, overlapping event support
    • New Links component for capturing links to URLs
  • Administration Group - New 'Administrators' system group; membership of the administrators group defines repository administrators
  • Updated Sharepoint Protocol Support
  • WCM Services - RESTful API for WCM services to support custom WCM application development
  • CMIS - Enhanced support for Web Services Binding
  • A new installer for Mac platform


This release has seven main components.

Alfresco Web Studio

Alfresco Web Studio is a visual, drag-and-drop designer for building web sites with the Alfresco Surf platform. It offers a quick start experience and provide ease-of-use comparable to that of a Drupal or a Joomla.

It features graphical overlays that facilitate the building of your web site's pages, navigation structure, templates, and presentation layout. Web components snap into your site's pages through simple drag-and-drop interactions.

Using Alfresco Web Studio, you can quickly create custom web sites while leveraging the strengths of the Alfresco Web Content Management runtime and repository.

To get started, browse through the Web Studio Tutorials.

Alfresco Draft CMIS Implementation

This release includes a Draft CMIS Implementation.

The Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) specification defines a domain model and set of API bindings, that can be used by applications to work with one or more Enterprise Content Management repositories or systems.

The Alfresco Draft CMIS Implementation includes:

  • CMIS REST API binding
  • CMIS Web Services API binding
  • CMIS query language
  • Apache Abdera CMIS Extension
  • CMIS REST API Binding Test Harness

The CMIS technical draft specification (v0.5), announced Sept 10th 2008, has been developed jointly by EMC, IBM, Microsoft, Alfresco, Open Text, Oracle, and SAP.

For more information on the CMIS implementation, refer to CMIS.

Read what our CTO, John Newton has to say about CMIS

Microsoft Office SharePoint Protocol Support

The Microsoft Office SharePoint protocol support offers Microsoft users greater choice by providing them with the first open source fully-compatible SharePoint repository. Companies can leverage existing investments in Linux, Java as well as Microsoft .NET connection software to significantly reduce their SharePoint total cost of ownership and maximize their hardware and software investments.

Alfresco Surf Platform

The Alfresco Surf platform enables you to build dynamic, REST-oriented web applications and collaborative web sites.

It is built on Alfresco Web Scripts technology which uses light-weight scripting and templating. The Surf platform is designed to work in a number of different web environments, as well as a Web Part in Microsoft SharePoint Portal. It includes content oriented components designed around the Yahoo!® User Interface (YUI) Library and Adobe® Flash® for dynamic uploads and previewing of content and other information. The new user interface components make it much simpler for users to develop new collaborative web applications.

Refer to Surf Platform for detailed information.

Alfresco Share

Alfresco Share was built using the Surf Platform in September 2008. The Labs version of Alfresco Share is available in this release.

For a detailed list of Alfresco Share features within these components, refer to the Alfresco Share feature list.

Alfresco Repository Public API

The Repository Public API provides content and collaboration services for customizing and developing Alfresco applications. Labs 3b introduced new services such as site management, site activities, tagging, commenting, thumbnails, blogs, wikis, and forums to support social collaboration.

The Repository Public API has two forms:

  1. A RESTful API for remotely connecting to the Repository as used by Alfresco Share.
  2. A Javascript API for developing extensions to the Repository (as used in Web Scripts, Actions etc).

Alfresco Native MediaWiki Integration

This release includes a native MediaWiki integration with the Alfresco repository.
MediaWiki content is stored and versioned directly in the Alfresco repository, no separate PHP/MySQL/MediaWiki installation is required.
Unified user management provides common logins between Alfresco and MediaWiki users and administrators.
Refer to Installing the MediaWiki amp for more details.

Release Notes

Refer to Release Notes for details of the Alfresco Labs 3 Final build.

Upgrading from Community 2.1 Version

For instructions on how to upgrade to this version from Community 2.1, refer to Upgrade Process.


Alfresco Labs, formerly known as Alfresco Community Edition, has undertaken this new name to more accurately describe the 'laboratory'-like process offering the latest functionality, a daily build, and the platform for the Alfresco Community.

Alfresco Labs 3 FAQ

Alfresco Labs 3 FAQ

Community Experience

To add your own experience of using Alfresco Labs 3, see the Installing Labs 3 - Community experience page.

Public SVN Revision number

The SVN revision number for Alfresco Labs 3 Final is 12844.

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