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Alfresco Namespaces

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The official documentation is at:

Content ModelingCore Concepts


This page provides a reference for the namespaces used by Alfresco.

Namespace conventions:

Alfresco namespaces start with

The top-level namespace sub-divisions are:

  • model - identify an Alfresco data model
  • view - identify a view of content held in the Alfresco Repository
  • ws - identify an Alfresco Web Service definition
  • test - identify a test definition

Each namespace typically ends with its version number.


Note: This list will expand / change between now and the next release.

Namespace Common Prefix Description alf General Alfresco Namespace d Data Dictionary model sys Repository system model cm Content Domain model app Application model bpm Business Process Model st Site Model fm Forum Model usr User model (in repository.jar) view Alfresco Import / Export View act Action service model rule Rule service model auth Authentication Web Service rep Repository Web Service content Content Web Service author Authoring Web Service cls Classification Web Service cml Content Manipulation Language cm Web Service Content Domain Model hdr SOAP Headers wf Workflow Model(link is to Alfresco simple workflow model, not generally extended)