Alfresco PHP Library Installation Documentation

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Alfresco PHP Library Installation Documentation

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The PHP SDK is now being maintained as a separate project at Google Code:


The following installation instructions relate to Alfresco PHP library releases up to 1.2.


Installing and Configuring

It is presumed that you have a correct installation of PHP 5.x and a suitable web server.  (Note:  the current PHP library has only been tested on Win XP running Apache 2.x)

  • Ensure that PEAR SOAP and its dependant libraries are installed and present on the PHP include path. 
  • Unpack the PHP source distribution into a convenient location.  You should see an Alfresco and Examples directory.
  • Add the Alfresco directory to the PHP include path and ensure that Examples is accessible to the web server.
  • Edit your php.ini file to indicate which Alfresco repository you want it to communicate with.

; Alfresco server location

Point your browser to
to browse the Alfresco repository. {spelling and capitalization depends on the alias entry you made in the Apache2 config file(s). i.e. '/etc/apache2/sites-available/default'