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Alfresco public REST APIs

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This document is intended to act as a quick start with links to useful resources. 

Have you had a chance to download the latest Alfresco Content Services release (Enterprise or Community) and try out the public REST APIs ?

Alfresco public APIs cover Content, Search, Process & Governance Services. We have API explorers for each set of services. 

The incremental new public v1 REST APIs introduce features for managing nodes, people, groups, sites, shared-links (... and much more ...) as well built-in queries and new advanced search api for Solr. This is in addition to existing collaborative features, such as favourites, comments, ratings, tags & activities.

We would really appreciate your early feedback. Please comment here or in the forums. If you would like to suggest improvements or see any issues then please feel free to post a separate question or log an issue in JIRA (if repeatable).

Presentations (and slides)

Exciting new Alfresco APIs - YouTube (=> slides ) (BeeCon - Apr 2017)

Developing applications against Alfresco’s unified REST APIs - YouTube (=> slides) (BeeCon - Apr 2017)

Records Management: the API story - YouTube (=> slides) (BeeCon - Apr 2017)

Alfresco 5.2 REST API (London - Mar 2017)

Tech Talk Live #102: REST APIs v1.0 - YouTube (=> slides ) (Feb 2017)

Alfresco Day Vienna 2016: Alfrescos neue Rest API (Vienna - Dec 2016)

REST API Introduction - YouTube (Nov 2016)

REST API of the future - YouTube (=> slides ) (BeeCon - Apr 2016)

Tech Talk Live #93 - The Future of REST APIs - YouTube (=> slides ) (Jan 2016)

API Explorers


Blog Posts & Tutorials

Gavin Cornwell's excellent series for Alfresco v1 REST API - Content & Search Services 

More about the Search API 


Governance Services - GS API Explorer & GS Core REST APIs 


Client-side SDK & Libraries

JavaScript Client Library (used by ADF - see below)

Developing a simple JavaScript client using the Alfresco REST API (5 part tutorial)

1. Defining the development environment.

2. Authenticating over Alfresco using the Alfresco REST API.

3. Introducing the JavaScript client to list nodes.

4. How to upload new content.

5. How to preview the content.

Example Java Client Library (unsupported)  (experimental - for bringing together Content, Process and Governance Services) (6 part tutorial)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6 

Example Clients & UI components

Alfresco Digital Workspace

Alfresco Content App (GitHub)

ADF 101 - Getting Started with Alfresco Application Development Framework 

Demo: Alfresco "health-care-app" (dev branch) 

Other related APIs

Quick example of developing a (custom) Rest API on the Alfresco Platform