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Alfresco WCM Enterprise Trial on Windows

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The official documentation is at:

The Alfresco Enterprise Edition Download lets you try out a fully featured version of Alfresco Enterprise Network within your infrastructure for 30 days. You can trial both the Alfresco ECM and the Alfresco WCM.

The Alfresco Enterprise Edition Download page shows the options you can choose for Windows:

  • Alfresco ECM provides the core Enterprise Content Management download
  • Alfresco WCM provides the Enterprise Content Management packaged with Web Content Management

If you want to see the full list of downloads, select Other Packages and Platforms.

Download Alfresco WCM Enterprise download

To download the Alfresco WCM Enterprise download:

  1. Click the Alfresco WCM option to download the Windows installer. The Enterprise Trial Registration page displays.
  2. On the Enterprise Trial Registration page, enter your Alfresco Content Community email address and password. The registration procedure requires you to have an Alfresco Content Community account. Note: if you do not have a Content Community login, click the sign up for free link.
  3. The Download Details shows the name of the file that you will download.
  4. Ensure that the Terms and Conditions check box is selected.
  5. Click Download.
  6. Save the download file.

Install Alfresco WCM Enterprise Download

To install the Alfresco WCM Enterprise download, you need to install two components:

  • Core Alfresco Enterprise Edition
  • Alfresco WCM

Install Core Alfresco Enterprise Edition

Note: Alfresco is preconfigured with HSQL as the default database and is for testing and evaluation only. It should not be used in production. For a production environment, change your database from HSQL to a supported database such as MySQL, Oracle, or PostgreSQL.

To install the core Alfresco Enterprise Edition:

  1. Extract the contents of the file to your computer using Winzip or any other ZIP-compatible software.
  2. Double-click on the file AlfrescoEnterprise-2.2.0-Setup.exe to start the Alfresco Enterprise Network Installer. A message asks you if you want to install Alfresco Enterprise Network on your computer.
  3. In the message box, click Yes.
  4. In the Welcome window, click Next.
  5. Choose a directory in which to install Alfresco (or accept the default ), and click Next.
  6. The Extra Components screen shows two options:
  • Download and install JDK component
  • Download and install component
    The check boxes tell you if you have these required components already installed on your system. If you have JDK version 1.5 and OpenOffice installed on your system, the two check boxes will be unselected, so click Next. If one or both JDK version 5 and OpenOffice are not installed, and the relevant check box is selected, click Next. The setup program will download and install the applications for you. If JDK 1.5 is installed but the check box is still selected, you may need to set the JAVA_HOME environment variable.

  1. Confirm that the installation directory is correct, and click Next.
    If you requested the setup program to download JDK and/or OpenOffice, they are downloaded and installed. When this is complete, Alfresco is installed.
  2. If you are already registered with the Alfresco Community, click Next.
  3. For a standard installation, you do not need to run the configuration wizard. Unselect the check box for running the configuration wizard.
  4. Click Finish.

Install Alfresco WCM

To install Alfresco WCM:

  1. When core Alfresco installation is complete, run AlfrescoWCMEnterprise-2.2.0-Setup.exe to start the Alfresco WCM Enterprise Setup.
  2. Select an installation language.
  3. On the message box, click Yes to confirm the installation.
  4. In the Welcome window, click Next.
  5. Select any custom installation parameters, or click Next through the screens to accept the defaults.
  6. Review settings and click Next to begin copying files.

Configure Alfresco WCM

The final step for installing Alfresco WCM is to move a file called wcm-bootstrap-context.xml from the root Alfresco directory:

  1. In the root of the Alfresco home directory, copy the file wcm-bootstrap-context.xml to the Alfresco directory C:\Alfresco\tomcat\shared\classes\alfresco\extension.
  2. Start the Alfresco server. This ensures that the Alfresco server starts to use the installed WCM components.

Running Alfresco

Once you have installed Alfresco, test the installation by starting the Alfresco server and then running the web client.

Starting the Alfresco server

To start the Alfresco server, browse to C:\alfresco and double-click alf.start.bat

A DOS window opens, displaying a message indicating the server has started:

INFO: Server startup in nnnnn ms

Note: You can also start the server by clicking the Start menu, and selecting All Programs > Alfresco Enterprise > Start Alfresco Server.

Starting the Alfresco web client

Once you have started the Alfresco server, you can start Alfresco using a browser.

To start the web client:

  1. Browse to http://localhost:8080/alfresco.
  2. Log in using admin as the default user name and password.

To check that Alfresco WCM is installed correctly, you will see that the following additional spaces are in your Alfresco web client:

  • Web Projects in Company Home
  • Web Forms in Data Dictionary

Stopping the Alfresco server

To stop the Alfresco server, browse to C:\alfresco, and double-click alf.stop.bat.

The DOS window that opened during startup closes, and Alfresco stops.

Note: You can also stop the server by clicking the Start menu, and selecting All Programs > Alfresco Enterprise > Stop Alfresco Server.