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The official documentation is at:

Launching Alfresco via the AWS Marketplace

1. Visit the  AWS Marketplace listings for Alfresco and select your preferred product.

2. Click the 'Continue' button on the upper-right and sign in with your AWS account

3. Use the 1-Click launch panel on the left and do the following:

a. Select your preferred region.
b. Select a preferred EC2 instance type.
- We recommend the Standard Large (m1.large) but be mindful of the cost. It will take about 6 minutes to start and it's appropriate for larger workloads.
- As an alternative, you may choose High-CPU Medium (c1.medium). It will take about 15 minutes to start up but for a handful of users it will perform adequately.

4. Accept the default Firewall Settings and Key Pair and launch.

5. Click the link labeled 'Visit Your Software to access this software'

6. Expand the active server list and click on the 'Access Software' link.

7. Make note of the default login and password.

8. Login to your server by clicking the 'Login to Alfresco' button.
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