Basic Alfresco Concepts

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Basic Alfresco Concepts

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The official documentation is at:

Core Services

Node - Node, Property and Association management including CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) and Persistence

Content - Storage and retrieval of content (text/binary)

Actions and Rules - Provide services to allow actions to be executed manually and automatically, using rules, within a Repository.

Store - Approach for identifying Nodes and Stores within a Repository

Versions - Basic versioning support. AVM store which is a subversion like version control system.

Spaces - Intelligent hierarchical folder structure for organizing a content repository

Type Mechanism - Meta Data for describing Types (inheritance), properties, associations and behaviours

Security and Authentication - A description of the security framework.

Search - Support search in a Google-style search and JSR-170 XPath search

Search Documentation - A description of the search syntax


Web-Client Framework - Use Spring and JSF to support the development of a portal based web-client framework and portlets

Component Library - Library of JSF components required to build the client applications

Desktop Integration Options - Investigation of Desktop Integration options

Space User Application - Full application client for managing and using Spaces

API Integration Issues - Page to discuss and note issues that the web-client team is having with the service APIs

Firefox Extensions - Investigations into Browser Integration

IE Add-Ons

Core Support Frameworks

Spring is an application framework that includes AOP capabilities. See Cross Cutting Support.

Hibernate is an object-relational mapping technology

Lucene is an enterprise-scale full-text and metadata search engine

MyFaces is an implementation of Java Server Faces


Business Use Cases used in the defining the Alfresco system

Service Interface Standards - Some help to ensure that the public API is consistent

Services Framework - Architectural pattern for representing service, aspect and content type specific behaviour.

Candidate Frameworks lists and reviews the various Web UI frameworks freely available.

Candidate Portals lists and reviews the freely available portal frameworks.