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Competitive CMS Products
Captiva Software, a division of EMC Software Group,makes software solutions for document information processing and data capture from paper and electronic documents and provides related services. Information in the form of extracted content and files are acquired in the Captiva Solution and then delivered for storage or workflow into document management systems such as those from Documentum, Open Text, Microsoft, or IBM.

These products are often deployed as part of a larger knowledge management initiative within the organization. Examples of this initiative include forms processing, correspondence tracking, or creating content libraries for research and development or investigations.

The capture portion of the knowledge management industry is currently (August 2006) undergoing significant consolidation through acquisitions by larger content management system providers. This is a trend that appears to be gaining momentum in the business applications software market.

Captiva is the amalgamation of many smaller companies such as Wheb Systems, ActionPoint, and Pixel Translations. Prior to the acquisition by EMC the company was known in some circles by their chief product, InputAccel.