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Alfresco Chumby Awards for Community Achievement

110px|leftWhat is a Chumby and how do you score one? Simply put, Chumbys are little marvels of technology that are about the size of a coffee cup, have a touch screen, connect wirelessly to the Internet and have a library of addon widgets. What is probably more interesting, especially to the Alfresco community, is that Chumbys are Linux-based, open-source development platforms.

Most people will use them as an alarm clock to wake them up in the morning, to view digital photos, to listen to Internet radio, to check the news, weather and sports, to look up a recipe — all of the usual ways that we interact with Internet-based devices.

We couldn’t think of a better way to reward community participation each month than to give a Chumby to the person who has answered the most questions on the forums. We can’t wait to see what clever Chumby web scripts our community members will build (think URL-based access to content and content services).

October 2009, Romain Delalande


After completing his engineering studies in Lyon, France, Romain joined Smile in 2007. His first Alfresco project was for INRIA, he is now the lead architect for a large Alfresco BPM project for SNCF, a project for train engineers that provides 20-task workflows, dynamic and conditional assignments and experiences more than 3,000 tasks completed each day.

Romain first came to the forums to get his questions answered and is now one of the top contributors. Thanks Romain!

June 2009, Javier Martinez


The Spanish community would not be what it is today without the efforts from Javier Martinez.  He was the first community guru of the Spanish forums, has posted over 600 times and has accumulated 40 points helping
other community members.  Javier has new community initiatives including 'SpaceSync' and 'Alfresco developer Corner' which we are looking forward to him launching in the future.

January 2009, Pedro Jimenez

Pedro Jimenez, an Alfresco specialist at the regional Justice Ministry, in Seville, Spain, is an active contributor on the Spanish-language forums. He enjoys sharing his expertise by helping others learn, his slogan is “Do not give me fishes, better if you teach me how to fish”. He has been awarded an impressive 54 points since joining the forum in January, 2008.

December 2008, Peter Monks

110px|left Peter Monks, Alfresco's consulting lead for North America is a familiar face on the forums. Peter shares his time, expertise and boundless energy answering questions and has accumulated a mountain of points.

He has worked in the WCM field for the better part of a decade, and finds open source a very refreshing change after years of implementing legacy CMS products.  In his spare time Peter is a keen recreational rock climber, having climbed extensively in his native Australia and throughout North America. Aside from his many professional contributions, Peter regularly amuses his co-workers with his own unique, slightly unusual sense of humor.

November 2008, Adrian Jimenez

110px|left Adrián E. Jiménez Vega works at the Center of Information Technologies at the University of the Balearic Islands, in Mallorca, Spain. For two years, he has been building and deploying an Alfresco custom application to manage all content and document management requirements for the University. At the same time, he is finishing a Computer Engineering study project, and is basing his work on documentation management with the Alfresco platform. He is an outstanding contributor and we appreciate his fine work.

September 2008, Mehdi Belmekki

110px|left Mehdi Belmekki of Casablanca, Morocco has amassed a whopping 27 points on the forums. Mehdi, who has a bachelors degree in computer science and is working on his masters degree in web technologies, worked on an Alfresco implementation for a large enterprise company in Morocco. He is a constant presence on the forums and a true contributor to the community!

August 2008, Jan Pfitzner

110px|left Jan Pfitzner of fme AG is a familiar face around the Alfresco community. Jan contributed the Opsoro project, an Alfresco web client built with the Ext JS JavaScript library. Opsoro is now an Alfresco Forge project and available here under the terms of GPL. Jan has also been busy in the forums, he has been awarded an impressive 19 points by his peers. Thanks Jan!

June 2008, Aingaran Pillai

110px|left Aingaran Pillai is the founder of Zaizi (, a consulting firm specialising in the Alfresco ECM and WCM platform. Based in London, UK, Zaizi have successfully implemented Alfresco for number of clients. Aingaran has shared his Alfresco expertise with the community and has been recognised by Alfresco for his contributions. Ainga, what exciting web script are you planning to write for your Chumby?

May 2008, Denis Genard

110px|left Denis Genard who works for CEDITI, an Alfresco partner located in Belgium has been developing solutions with Alfresco for over two years. Denis has earned 6 points on the forums from other members who found his responses helpful. We hope you enjoy your new Chumby!

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