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The official documentation is at:

Research For Future Features

Model Changes

Phase 1

Add new types derived from folder:

  • Project
  • Calendar
  • Blog
  • Wiki

Project Space

Phase 1

Create as Space Template.  New type required for project space (Networks model is still to be defined - may require patch to modify later).  There should be a new top-level space in Company Home named Projects, into which project spaces are normally created. 

Template will contain spaces for:

  • Calendar
  • Blog
  • Image Gallery
  • Email Archive
  • Document Library
  • Forums

Define project summary web script and presence.


Phase 1

Include ability to view, create and edit tags from the Office add-in. 

Phase 2

Add enhancements for use from web client.

Team Calendar

Phase 1

Use available scripts within new web script view (below).


Phase 1

Custom view with summary of available content and actions to edit and publish/update.


Phase 2

Use TinyMCE+plugin as WYSIWYG wiki editor.

Browser for wiki.

Image Gallery

Phase 1

Use Flexbook viewer in custom view.

Email Archive

Phase 1

Has email-alias aspect with project name as value.  Must be unique name.

Document Library

Phase 1

Custom view with added and modified summary.

Framework Extensions

Phase 1

  • Web Script browse view
  • Category usage API