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Community Edition 3.2 Download FAQ

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The official documentation is at:


My download manager xyz reports that the download site is not resumable?

Our download site does not support the optional Accept-Range HTTP header that some clients require for resumable or multithreaded downloads. This does not indicate however our site doesn't work with download managers, it just means there is some compatibility issues. In particular, we have ran into problems with:

  • DownThemAll! 0.41

However, we've successfully tested these managers, and proven they work:

  • Firefox 3 (built-in download manager)
  • Google Chrome (built-in download manager)
  • FlashGet

Regardless of this issue, the files should still download correctly without resume or multi-threads.


Do you support BitTorrent?

Yes we do.

What do I need to use BitTorrent?

You can download a compatible BitTorrent client. Some locations include:

Or alternatively Wikipedia has an excellent matrix available here:

We won't go into the use of these particular clients - you will have to consult their various user manuals for instructions. But in general, you need to feed these clients a torrent file, which is available as an option on our download pages.
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