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Community file list 201605-GA

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Alfresco Community 201605 is available for Windows 32 bit, Windows 64 bit, Linux 64 bit, and Mac OS X.

For further information, refer to the Release Notes.

Complete Installation

Maven repository

Alfresco Community 201605 artifacts are available in our Maven repository under the version 5.1.g for Alfresco Platform and  in our Maven repository under the version 5.1.f for Alfresco Share.
Check the Alfresco_Artifacts_Repository page to configure Maven accordingly.

The Maven repository provides direct download to individual artifacts that were previously only available in separate zip files. For instance:

You may also want to check the Maven Alfresco SDK project, which provides archetypes to help you start a project easily.

Individual Components and Custom Installs


(md5: 5413f9edf2fe6b084a7dfc54cb8c7c5c)
Use this download for manual install. Contains Web Archive (WAR) bundles for the Alfresco repository and Share UI.

This file also contains Module Management tool, JLAN native libraries for windows and Solr4 integration
(md5: b7d648a2a080994cf45fb2de560ccfd8)
Alfresco File Transfer Receiver
(md5: 85f86ecc68a1216104e17d1e25a1e019)
  Alfresco Web Quick Start -- refer to [Alfresco Web Quick Start documentation].
(md5: 0cdecf0b109dc9bedae644a286c4e332)
  Alfresco Web Editor -- refer to [Alfresco Web Editor documentation].

Records Management

(md5: 8cb7c3a968a05e9ba6906d5607f36b1a)
Alfresco Records Management Community 2.4.b

GoogleDocs Integration

(md5: 2ae7e17c44b2894c6700ac9f2465d58b)
Repository AMP for GoogleDocs integration
(md5: 3aad2d7e46c7e83a0e3895a4e3f15f91)
Share AMP for GoogleDocs integration

Alfresco Office Services Module

This is a free to use proprietary module licensed under the Alfresco Component License.

(md5: 923947f9d7459f9eef58ae9ce6dceaa0)
Alfresco Office Services module

Community Provided Packages

Please link to your package below:

FileDescriptionFeedback Method
Alfresco Ubuntu InstallComplete installation script for install on Ubuntu ServersFile issues in Issue tracker
example_packageExample Packagealfresco-package-feedback AT example DOT com

Community Edition

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Download (md5: 6265cbb9973801e2952cd133abae17c7) show me a md5sum of:


Which is the right one now?

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Thanks Samuel Wolf​ ! You are right, the page had a wrong md5 - a copy paste from the previous release, I'm afraid.

I fixed it now, along with a few others.

Thanks for your help with this, and keep on telling us what's wrong!

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Thank you Samuel.

Alfresco Employee

I'm confused. According to documentation (Installing Alfresco Office Services manually into an existing web application | Alfresco Documentati... ) when install Alfresco manually, a ROOT.war web application must be deployed to Tomcat in order to install AOS.

However I can't find this resource at Is it available in another download?

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You'll find ROOT.war in - right next to alfresco.war, solr4.war and share.warI think the idea was that it would be useful even if you don't install AOS, as a landing page or a redirect page to other webapps.