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Community file list 4.2.e

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Alfresco Community 4.2.e is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Learn more about what's in Alfresco Community 4.2. For further information, refer to the Release Notes.

Complete Installation 32-bit Windows installer (after downloading, follow the simple install instructions for Windows) 64-bit Windows installer (after downloading, follow the simple install instructions for Windows) 64-bit Linux Installer (after downloading, follow the simple install instructions for Linux) 64-bit Mac installer (after downloading, follow the simple install instructions for MacIntosh)

Note for Mac users: Once the user has installed Java 1.7 using the Oracle installer, it is necessary to go to 'Utilities' > 'Java Preferences' and put Java 1.7 into the first choice.

Individual Components and Custom Installs


alfresco-community-4.2.e.zipUse this download for manual install. Contains Share and Explorer Web Archive (war) bundles and sample configuration such as

This file also contains Module Management tool and JLAN native libraries for windows

alfresco-community-file-transfer-receiver-4.2.e.zipAlfresco File Transfer Receiver.

Alfresco Workdesk

alfresco-workdesk-community- Workdesk Community


alfresco-community-solr-4.2.e.zipUse this download for manual install. Contains SOLR index tracking application. Alfresco configuration of SOLR and installation instructions.

Records Management

alfresco-rm-2.1.a-621.zipAlfresco Records Management 2.1.a module.

Alfresco WCM

Alfresco Web Quick Start
alfresco-community-wcmqs-4.2.e.zipAlfresco Web Quick Start zipped, refer to Web Quick Start Installation and Configuration.
Alfresco Web Editor
alfresco-community-webeditor-4.2.e.zipAlfresco Web Editor and Web Editor Framework Please visit wiki page for deployment features,
alfresco-community-deployment-4.2.e-win.exeWindows Installer for Standalone Deployment Receiver
alfresco-community-deployment-4.2.e-linux-x64.binLinux Installer for Standalone Deployment Receiver Installer for Standalone Deployment Receiver

SharePoint Protocol support

alfresco-community-spp-4.2.e.zipConnector functionality for Microsoft SharePoint Protocol support

GoogleDocs integration

alfresco-googledocs-repo-2.0.5-6com.ampRepository AMP for GoogleDocs integration
alfresco-googledocs-share-2.0.5-6com.ampShare AMP for GoogleDocs integration

Alfresco SDK and APIs

alfresco-community-sdk-4.2.e.zipSoftware Development Kit, including the source files, zipped
alfresco-community-fdk-4.2.e.zipAlfresco Forms Development Amp, zipped refer

Desktop Sync - Early Preview

The Alfresco Desktop Sync application is available for early preview so we can get feedback and improve it before making a full release. This version works against Alfresco on premise only: Enterprise 4.0+, and Community 4.2.a+.  It may also work against Enterprise 3.4+ but this has not been tested widely to date.

For feedback and help, please use the Alfresco Forums. Bugs can be raised in JIRA Desktop Sync (DSYNC) project.

Because this is a beta version, it is not verified by Mac App Store yet. Mac OS X Mountain Lion users need to follow this instruction to install it.

To avoid lessening Gatekeeper' security, you may install the app either:

IMPORTANT  As this is an early preview, data loss is possible. Alfresco recommends you DO NOT use this with important data.

Community Provided Packages

Please link to your package below:

FileDescriptionFeedback Method
Ubuntu Install scriptShell script that downloads and install all the necessary components to run Alfresco on Ubuntu server. This is not a custom version of Alfresco, it is an alternative install method that automatically downloads the necessary packages listed in this page. A Readme is available that explains all the install steps.File issues in the Github issue tracker.
example_package_for_example_linux_distroExample Package for Example  Linux Distroalfresco-package-feedback AT example DOT com

Community Edition