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Community Plan of Record

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The latest Generally Available release of Alfresco Community Edition, and previous releases, may be downloaded here: Download and Install Alfresco

July 2017Community 201707 GA containing Repository 5.2.g and Share 5.2.f
April 2017Community 201704 GA containing RM 2.5.b and SDK 3.0
February 2017Community 201702 GA containing Repository 5.2.f and Share 5.2.e
January 2017Community 201701 GA containing Platform 5.2.e and Share 5.2.d
December 2016Community 201612 GA containing Platform 5.2.d and Share 5.2.c
November 2016Community 201611 EA containing Platform 5.2.c and Share 5.2.b
September 2016Community 201609 EA containing Platform 5.2.b and Share 5.2.a
June 2016Community 201606 EA containing Platform 5.2.a and Share 5.1.g
May 2016Community 201605 GA containing Platform 5.1.g and Share 5.1.f
April 2016Community 201604 GA containing Platform 5.1.f and Share 5.1.f
February 17, 2016Community 201602 GA containing Platform 5.1.e and Share 5.1.e
December 17, 2015Community 201512 EA containing Platform 5.1.d and Share 5.1.d
October 29, 2015Community 201510 EA containing Platform 5.1.c and Share 5.1.c
September 30, 2015Community 201509 EA containing Platform 5.1.b and Share 5.1.b
August 28, 2015Community 201508 EA containing Platform 5.1.a and Share 5.1.a
Mar 23, 2015Community 5.0.d Community_file_list_5.0.d
Dec 04, 2014Community 5.0.c Community_file_list_5.0.c
October 06, 2014Community 5.0.b Community_file_list_5.0.b
June 27, 2014Community 5.0.a Community_file_list_5.0.a
March 13, 2014Community 4.2.f Community_file_list_4.2.f
October 17, 2013Community 4.2.e Community_file_list_4.2.e
October 25, 2012Community 4.2.b Community_file_list_4.2.b
October 10, 2012Community 4.2.a Community_file_list_4.2.a
January 31, 2012Community 4.0.d Community_file_list_4.0.d
January 24, 2012Community 4.0.c Community_file_list_4.0.c
October 25, 2011Community 4.0.b Community_file_list_4.0.b
October 1, 2011Community 4.0.a Community_file_list_4.0.a
April 19, 2011Community 3.4.e Alfresco_Community_3.4.e_Download
February 16, 2011Community 3.4.d Community_file_list_3.4.d
December 20, 2010Community 3.4.c Community_file_list_3.4.c
 extensions:  Language Packs
November 9, 2010Community 3.4.b Alfresco_Community_3.4.b
September 27, 2010Community 3.4.a Alfresco_Community_3.4.a
 extensions:  Web Quick Start
June 14, 20103.3 G Community Alfresco_Community_Edition_3.3g
 extensions:  Google Docs
March 22, 20103.3 Community Alfresco_Community_Edition_3.3
November 18, 20093.2 r2 Community Community_Edition_file_list_32r2
 extensions:  DOD5015 approval
July 5, 20093.2 r Community Community_Edition_file_list_32r
March 22, 20093.2 Community Community_Edition_3.2_file_list
January 21, 2009Labs 3D / Final
Septempber 17, 2008Labs 3C
July 31, 2008Labs 3B
July 2008Labs 3A
Nov 21, 20072.9 Community Labs
Oct 10, 2007JLAN 4.0 Community
Jul 24, 20072.1 ECM Community Final
 AMPs:  Records Management, Blog Integration, PHP Integration
 Extensions:  Web Services Client, Office 2003 (Word, Excel, PPT) Add-ins
2.1 WCM Community Final
Extensions:  Remote Deployment Server
Jun 29, 20072.1 ECM Community Release Candidate
 AMPs:  Records Management
 Extensions:  Web Services Client, Word 2003 Add-in
2.1 WCM Community Release Candidate
Feb 21, 20072.0 ECM Community
2.0 WCM Community
Jan 19, 20072.0 ECM Preview
Oct 25, 2006 1.4 ECM Community
Oct 10, 2006 1.4 ECM Community Release Candidate
Oct 9, 2006 2.0 WCM Preview Release (Based on Alfresco 1.4)
Sept 6, 2006 1.4 ECM Preview Release
Jun 26, 20061.3 ECM Community
Jun 19, 20061.3 ECM Release Candidate
May 13, 20061.3 ECM Preview Release
Apr 28, 20061.2 ECM 100% Open Source

For the remaining historical record of Alfresco Community Releases prior to our 1.2 ECM 100% Open Source release, please refer to our earlier Early Community Plan of Record