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Community Road Map

Initiated by Russ Danner.
Note that this is not an Alfresco document

The Community Road Map is something that you may not come across on many OSS projects/products. In genenal it [this road map] is in the minds of the community as tactic knowledge but is not written down. We would like to take the next steps and begin defining how we would like to evolve / mature the community and its tools. This definition and road map is the responsibility of the community. It is one of the most vital aspects of any OSS project.  Formalizing it, and putting this plan to 'paper' proves that it exists and provides a platform for improvement.  Get involved.

You may take note that each phase/horizon has an emphasis.  We will iterate over and over, each revolution focusing sometimes on collaboration and other time on the product itself.  Each iteration is designed to raise the maturity of the community.

Note that this road map is in a development/draft state until this notice is removed, this is concept NOT documentation

Note that this is not an Alfresco document

Horizon I

Horizon I focuses on empowering the community to innovate through the contribution of source, ideas, critism, and documentation. It is impossible for the community to mature without the rudimentary tools required for distributed collaboration.


Forum allows members voice issues, share ideas and criticisms in a discussion format.  As ideas mature we hope that they migrate to the Wiki to form a explicit knowledge base and into JIRA as a actionable task.


Jira is a bug tracking and release management system.  Jira allows members a formal mechanism for reporting issues, suggest feature improvements.  The natural path of ideas, bug fixes tends to be a discussion that initiates on the forums, placed into the JIRA system as an actionable item.  As the fix or feature evolves it should be documented on the wiki.  Jira is then used to schedule it into a release which again is documented on the wiki.


Wiki allows a platform for community members to flesh out their ideas, and contribute documentation.

Horizon II

Horizon II focuses on making easier to contribute source code. 

Alfresco SDK

Alfresco Forge

The Alfresco Project forge gives innovators a platform for distributed development.  Its important to note that while these tools are typically thought of as Software development tools they can be used for much more. 

  • Forge Project SVN version repository
  • Forge Project Team management
  • Forge Project forums
  • Forge Project mailing lists
  • Wiki section for forge project

Formalized Contribution Procedures

Horizon III

Alfresco User Groups

Alfresco is a portal force which exists in the US and in Europe. As the community grows we should look to form official usergroups.

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