Community Spotlight Piergiorgio Lucidi

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Community Spotlight Piergiorgio Lucidi

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Piergiorgio Lucidi

This is a brief interview in our series of Community Spotlights.

Where do you work?


How and when did you first start working with Alfresco?

Five years ago I joined Sourcesense as an Open Source ECM Specialist and thanks to my boss I started to learn Alfresco. My previous working experience (4 years) was related to the ECM area working on custom ECM/WCM solutions based on the Alfresco technology stack.

What is your favorite way to contribute to the Alfresco community?

First I would like to say that the Open Source communities have a huge role in my career path starting from JBoss, Apache and then Alfresco. For me it is very important supporting users and developers in the forums, creating and updating content in the Alfresco Wiki and releasing some good examples dedicated to developers. I'm trying to continue to be part of events, trying to involve more people in the Alfresco community, and making the introduction to the platform easier.

What does the Alfresco community mean to you?

The Alfresco Community is a precious resource that consists of great people that can help each other depending of their experience on the platform. I think that there is no Alfresco Super Guru but there are many developers that worked on Alfresco for implementing different projects. Their specific experience is the most important resource that must be exchanged with the entire community.

What's something you wish someone would have told you when you first got started with Alfresco?

There are many ways to implement processes and features--there is not just one way to do it. Remember that content modeling can be also used to control your processes--metadata is good to use for many types of needs.

What do you do when you aren't working on Alfresco projects?

I have contributed a lot in the JBoss Community for some projects related to the portal and I'll try to contribute on GateIn. I'm contributing on Apache ManifoldCF and for this project I also am one of the mentors for Google Summer Of Code 2013. I also work with Packt Publishing as an Author and Technical Reviewer.

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