Configuring Hazelcast for JLAN clustering

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Configuring Hazelcast for JLAN clustering

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The official documentation is at:

High Availability4.0

The JLAN library that is used to provide the FTP, CIFS and NFS filesystem protocols
File Server Subsystem depends upon a 'file state cache' which amongst other things controls file locking over a network.  This is an additional layer on top of the alfresco repository.    Starting in alfresco 4.0 this file state cache can be syncronized over a network by the Hazelcast library.

There are two implementations of the file state cache, standalone and clustered.


Configuration for Alfresco 4.0   (Community 4.0a, Community 4.0b, Community 4.0c, Community 4.0d, Enterprise 4.0.0, Enterprise 4.0.1, Enterprise 4.0.2)

filesystem.cluster.enabled: Enables or disables the filesystem cluster.

filesystem.cluster.configFile : Location of Hazelcast configuration file e.g. c:\\temp\\hazelcastConfig.xml

Configuration for Alfresco > 4.0

On versions of alfresco greater than 4.0 the hazelcast clustering is used by the other areas of Alfresco.   So to configure the clustering,  including filesystem clustering simply set: Enables or disables alfresco clustering, including the filesystem cluster.

filesystem.cluster.enabled and filesystem.cluster.configFile are not used.

Configuration for Alfresco > 4.1

Please see Hazelcast Configuration (v4.1+)