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Design DiscussionsResearch For Future Features

Consolidation Tasks

  • Consolidation goals
  • Review AVM in light of experience
  • DM CICO paradigm
  • API impact

Consolidation Areas

  • Optimize out cache dependency
  • Native cache management
  • Data Dictionary
  • Full Type support
  • Association support
  • Policies
  • Export/Import (done?)
  • Query Language

Meeting Notes

Session (Associations)

  • Fold it down to simple child-assoc of any type
  • Translations; Rules - associate by location or version instance
  • Hierarchies (permissions & rules become first-class objects)

Session (Policies)

  • Property changed
  • Indexing @ node
  • Constraints @ node
  • Audit should be pushed down
  • Cache resetting based on type
  • Minimise 'event'
  • Standard behaviours pushed down
  • No pre-get
  • Listener-based; optimization of rules
  • Simplified set of policies
  • Only post-policies
  • Abstract implementation of service (async action queue)
  • Make object transaction single (outstanding processing)
  • Use staging concepts to scope business transactions
  • Queue management (remove dupes; groom queue)
  • Records management?
  • Optional virtual 'lock'

Session (CICO)

  • Each user has own view
  • Skeletal projection of My Modified

Session (Admin)

  • Node edit/remove
  • Purge by type
  • Webapp redeploy
  • Back-up & restore
  • Build (problems with circular dependencies, standard jars)
  • JMS (add notify by JMS action; queue tasks/actions for object; possibly remote)
  • Permissions (roles; merge app personalities & rights on object)
  • LDAP (sync not import; delta)

Session (Performance)

  • Zero transactionality
  • Global indexing (e.g. Nutch/Solr)
  • Workflow
  • Proxy to many instances
  • Group ids stored with user in DB
  • Locking in cluster for CIFS (opportunistic locking)


  • Core repo with very small transactions
  • Loose associations (relationships)
  • Store 'transienrt' data in Hadoop-like file stores (posts, ratings, tags)
  • Calculated views of aggregated date (events, activities, tag clouds)
  • Design for pluggability of cluster nodes (ease of support, installation)