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Define Rules

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The official documentation is at:

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Wireframes and visualisations can be found here.

Rule Events

We need to have a number of rule events, for which groups of rules may be defined.  Currently, we have 'inbound' and 'out-bound' in the wireframes.  The events we can envisage include:

  • Prior to adding to Space
  • Post adding to Space
  • Prior to moving from Space
  • Post moving from Space
  • Prior to a change
  • Post a change
  • Prior to deleting
  • Post deleting

For the initial release we will focus on the post add event, but will include the others if straight-forward.

Rule Conditions

  • All content
  • Content with a specific file type
  • Content in a specific category
  • Content with a specific value for a property
  • Content added by a specific user
  • Content which contains specific text in its name
  • Content has a specific feature

Rule Actions

  • Add workflow to content
  • Add simple workflow to content
  • Link content to category
  • Add features to content
  • Create a copy of content in a given format in a specific location
  • Move content to specified space
  • Perform a specific feature action
  • Add a pack to content
  • Print the content