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Third Winner in the Alfresco Web Scripts Developer Challenge Announced

Adrián Efrén Jiménez Vega has been building Alfresco applications for the Center of Information Technologies at the University of
the Balearic Islands, in Mallorca, Spain for more than two years. At the same time, he is finishing a Computer
Engineering study project based on his work with content management.

Adrián contributed a web script that provides a user quota manager with mail notification when a user is close to exceeding the quota. He was also been selected as the Contributor of the Month of June 2008 for his contributions to the Alfresco Spanish language forums.

Adrián, thanks so much and keep up the great work!

Second Winner in the Alfresco Web Scripts Developer Challenge Announced

Our second winner, Steve Reiner of Integrated Semantics, also developed a web scripts-driven alternative web client for Alfresco, this time using Adobe Flex and AIR. His web client prototype, which he calls FlexSpaces, includes 23 data web scripts along with the code behind the user interface.

FlexSpaces has a rich feature set. Some of he highlights include tree-based navigation, dual repositories with drag and drop between them, library functions including checkin, checkout and make versionable, multi-select cut, copy, paste and delete, multiple file upload, preview and viewing files in mulitple built-in tabs, make flash preview and several others.

We've added Steve's web scripts to the Sample area of the Content Community. If you are new to web scripts, it is a great place to learn how to implement the core Alfresco functionality. Steve's prototype is available for download on the Alfresco forge.

Congratulations Steve!

The challenge continues through July so you still have three more chances to win. Submit your entry today! Enter now.

First Winner in the Alfresco Web Scripts Developer Challenge Announced

We are delighted to announce that Jan Pfitzner is the first winner of our Web Scripts Developer Challenge. Jan developed a set of web scripts and pulled them together using AJAX to create a repository browsing application that he calls “Opsoro”, short for OPen SOurce ROcks.

The judges agreed that Jan’s entry was a great example of using Web 2.0 technology to create a stylish, intuitive interface with advanced features for folder, category and tag browsing, document tagging, inline viewing, search as you type and content areas that can be moved, sorted and resized.

The collection of web scripts and supporting application code is available for download from the Alfresco forge. We encourage you to install it, extend it for your own projects or just use it as an awesome learning tool.

Thanks to everyone else who submitted an entry.  The challenge continues through July so you still have four more chances to win. For those of you who haven’t entered yet, there is no time like the present! Enter now.

Congratulations to Jan, we hope you enjoy your new iPod Touch.