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Dialog And Wizard Framework

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The official documentation is at: http://docs.alfresco.com

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This page explains the new dialog and wizard framework introduced in Alfresco 1.3.


Conceptually, the Dialog Framework and Wizard Framework are very similar. To launch a dialog or a wizard simply prefix the action specified in a JSP page or in web-client-config-actions.xml with  dialog: or wizard:, respectively.

This will cause the navigation handler to perform a lookup in the relevant config file for a dialog or a wizard with the name following the action prefix. For example if an action of dialog:createSpace is specified, a lookup for a dialog called 'createSpace' will be performed, likewise, if an action of wizard:createSpace is used a lookup for a wizard called 'createSpace' will be performed.

The config lookup will be done using a node if there is one in the dispatch context, meaning dialogs and wizards can be overridden on a per node-type basis. If the dispatch context is empty only the dialogs and wizard defined in the global config section are retrieved.

If a configured dialog or wizard is not found the action following the prefix will be passed to the original JSF navigation handler which will inspect the navigation rules to decide where to go.


For a more detailed explanation on how dialogs work, how to configure them and how to write your own dialogs, go to the Dialog Framework guide.


For a more detailed explanation on how wizards work, how to configure them and how to write your own wizards, go to the Wizard Framework guide.